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Throughout the years we have had amazing style icons and luckily, that has not changed today. I get most of my fashion inspiration from the celebrity ladies that grace the pages of magazines like US Weekly, People & Star. Yes, they are not the most high-brow forms of literature but they showcase celebs out and about and on the red carpet. They show you which fashion trends can actually exist in the real world. Here are some of my favorite stylish celebrity ladies…

Who’s your favorite?

EMMA STONE – The Old Hollywood Fashionista
She beautiful, talented and starring in every big film out there, so Emma Stone is definitely a girl about town. Her style is flawless and has a modern take on old Hollywood.
Stores to shop to get Emma’s looks: Zara & JCrew

SOFIA VERGARA – The Sexy Bombshell
Sofia has amazing curves and thank God she’s not afraid to show them off! She loves form-fitting dresses on the carpet but goes more hippie chic when it comes to her street style. No matter what she’s wearing her hair is always flowing and she’s perfectly accessorized.
Stores to shop to get Sofia’s looks: BCBGBebe & Free People

ZOE SALDANA – The Cool & Sophisticated Chica
Zoe always has fun with fashion and takes risks while maintaining a cool and sophisticated look. She’s not afraid to rock shorts on a carpet or sparkle in emerald green. The girl is gorgeous and always gets it right.
Stores to shop to get Zoe’s looks: H&M & Top Shop

Kelly has really come into her own with fashion. When she was a rebellious teen, her clothes were rebelling too! Now, she’s a elegant woman with a wardrobe to match. She’s couture with an edge and always cool. She plays around with silhouettes and her street style is as playful as her red carpet looks.
Stores to shop to get Kelly’s looks: Madewell, Urban Outfitters &  Goodwill for vintage finds!

VICTORIA JUSTICE – The Risk Taker Teen
Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice is beautiful, young and daring! She dresses age-appropriate and embraces her youthful essence. She goes for drastically different looks without every looking like she’s trying too hard. Victoria gets an A+ in my book. I look forward to seeing her style evolve into her 20s.
Stores to shop to get Victoria’s looks: Forever 21 & Asos

Will any of these ladies inspire your fashion choices?

All photos via Zimbio

  • Tiffany Blake

    LOVE Emma.

  • Gea Marín

    Sofia Vergara style is perfect. I personally think that baby blue/turquoise is a difficult colour to wear because it looks horrible in almost every way you can wear it, if you don’t know how to wear it… And then I saw Sofia Vergara with an awesome mini dress in this colour and she was PERFECT.

  • Caitlin Kelly

    Emma and Zoe are my favorites by far, though it’s hard for me to totally relate to their style because they are both so thin! I love your choices, though. It really throws in another aspect to the typical fashionistas of the celebrity scene these days.

  • Amanda Lydon

    that green elie saab that zoe saldana is wearing is absolutely mouthwatering! love all these stylish and interesting ladies! :)

  • Sílvia Juncà

    Emma Stone is wonderful!chic and classy with a playful modern twist :) and I LOVE her red hair!!

  • Jess Reillybean Wrycraft

    I really don’t wanna sound like a butt, but I think you guys need to proofread your articles more, because I often spot little errors. W hile it’s not enough to deter me, or stop me from reading the rest of the article, after a few it gets quite annoying.

  • Ana Raquel Romão

    Emma and/or Sofia, definitely!

  • Sara Michaels

    Victoria Justice, for sure!

  • Grasie Mercedes

    thanks for all the comments. looks like emma is getting the most love. she really is on fire with the fashion! xo

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