Okay, I have to preface this post with a few things. 1) I hate shopping. Like, I’m into clothes, I read magazines and I appreciate how other people dress and actually really pay attention to people’s personal style. I think it says a lot about them. I dress like a boy most of the time, but whatever. 2) I LOVE StyleMint. This is the BEST form of shopping (online or in life) I have ever seen. Before I explain why I loved it so much, I need to tell you something. StyleMint is like the real life version of Cher’s closet in Clueless. I mean this seriously. You know how in the movie, the closest knows Cher? And it knows what Cher would look good in and what she would like and what her style is to its core? This is the online, personalized, easy and, most importantly, real version of that.

When you first start out on StyleMint, it wants to get to know you. So before you even start looking at clothes and doing the internet version of sifting through racks and racks of clothing to find only a few items that really suit you, it narrows it all down. They do this through a series of questions that are really easy to answer. And here is the best part. The questions are legitimately key to personal style. The ones that let me know they would really get me were the following:

“Which lipstick is the closest to your go-to daily color?”

Uh, hello, Chapstick is an option. These people know what’s up.

“You need to dress up for a meeting, what would you wear?”


StyleMint, I appreciate that you think I have a job and have to go to meetings. We’re working women, yo!

“Please select the hair color closest to yours.”

This is HUGE. HUGE StyleMint. I really feel like a blonde would dress differently than me, a brunette. Also, different clothes look good with different hair colors.

These are just three examples of the questions they ask you. They get down to it and really figure you out. THEN after these questions and after you and StyleMint become new BFF’s, you register and they send you to the best page ever.

A page that’s all, “Hey, friend! Here’s what we think you’d like/love, take a look, we’ve sorted it all out for you!” It’s really amazing. Then you look through organized sections of cuteness and find what you like, click on it, order it and BAM. Shopping made fun, easy and personalized for the inner Cher in all of us.

Also, as an added bonus, StyleMint comes from Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. They have a few fashion lines that are incredible and they are obviously known for their taste, style and fashion sense. So I feel safe with their taste and design and feel like the options they give me will actually be cute and cool and fit. This exclusive line from them is really genius. Whenever you click on an item, there are styling tips from Mary-Kate and Ashley embedded on the side of the page. There are also behind the scenes videos to go along with a lot of the pieces too so you hear how they envisioned it styled and worn.

So excited. And also a little jealous that some of you reading this haven’t done it yet because taking that quiz and then getting clothes that are unique to you is super rad.

Most importantly and in time for the holidays (especially if you have last minute shopping and gifting to do like I do) if you guys use the promo code HELLO, between now and December 31st you will receive 20% off your first T (first time buyers only). You are welcome! Enjoy your holidays!

Sponsored by: StyleMint

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