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What To Pack For Vacation

Sarah Jane writes:

I need your help!! I am going on vacation this summer, and well, I have a problem over-packing.  Whether I’m going away for a sleepover or a week long getaway I pack an over abundance of clothes/outfits that I don’t end up wearing. I’m looking for a combination of a few staple pieces that can get me through a week’s getaway, which still looking fabulous!  I’m road-tripping to the beach, and I’d like to have some comfy beach looks, and also some more glam looks for my nights out.  Thanks so much!! Love yr tips!!!

Hi Sarah Jane and all you lovely Hello Giggles readers!

When packing for vacation go for staple pieces that all go with each other. Solids work best and some variety in the type of pieces you bring will go a long way.

Bring two pairs of shoes: a comfy pair for day and a more glamourous pair for night (if you plan on working out or being active also throw in a pair of sneakers). And make sure to pack fun accessories that will easily change up your outfit. (This is key!) I found the following pieces that will all work together to easily create 9 great outfits for your vacation week. Now, I don’t expect you to go out and buy all the items listed…instead use this as a guide or reference. You may already have these items or ones very similar in your closet.

  1. American Apparel tanks $63 (3-pack)
  2. JCrew jean shirt $98
  3. American Eagle jean shorts $30
  4. Zara white slacks $50
  5. Gap maxi dress $70
  6. Steve Madden sandals $35
  7. Zara nude wedges $99
  8. Forever 21 scarf $10
  9. Forever 21 necklace $9

The trick is to style some of the items differently each time to create fresh looks. For example, you’ll see I used the scarf as a belt and as a headband (want to know 2 more ways to wear a scarf for Summer? check out my tutorial here). Wearing a tank over the maxi dress to make it look like a skirt and top combo is another example. Bottom line, pack light on the clothing and shoes, pack heavy on the accessories and creativity. Have a great vacation!














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