Stuff I Would Invent If I Had Time

The Green Thumb: This is a robot that’s good at gardening. He rolls around and finds all of those cherry tomato bushes you planted and kohlrabi seed rows you forgot about and actually cultivates them – unlike me, the world’s worst gardener.  He does the stuff I don’t want to do like digging, and watering and he remembers to do it. Then he picks the vegetables and brings them to you.  This is a HIGHLY intelligent robot. Might as well program him to cook dinner too, right? right? I mean, while he’s at it, might as well.

  • Sarah Anna Finke

    great invention. Maybe he could tell me why my orchids die all the time…

  • Wini Lo

    i dislike being outside and digging in the dirt, so i would totally hire one of these robots.

    also! this is invention #3 and the non-saggy-at-the-ankles tights were invention #1. where’s #2??

  • Fiqqi Pradityo

    what if it decided to take over the world?

    • Annika Wakup

      At least the world would be green 😉

  • Deirdre K McCormick

    Would he be able to get rid of big, gross spiders, as well? If so, he’s hired. (Yes, I’m fully aware that spiders are good for gardens. However, when you have long crazy hair, you run the risk of getting one tangled in it. True story, with a sad ending…for the spider.)

  • Nancy Phillips Newman

    mmmmm I always forget the part of watering! LoL
    I want 1 right away! :p

  • Kerry Boesen

    I would definitely want one of these! As hard as I try, every living plant I’ve ever brought home has been subject to my black thumb curse. Plus, Arizona summers are soooooo hot! I hate going outside during the summer. Maybe one day we will have one of these. I just saw on thinkgeek that they now have a robot lawnmower. It’s like a roomba for the backyard. Maybe one day I’ll have assistance but in the meantime… beware tiny plants, apparently I’m the Elvira of gardening.

  • Candice Schuyler Kush

    Sign me up for one! I hope he pulls weeds! and I mean, the whole root, not just picking the green stuff.

  • Megan Garton

    That’s awesome! Haha…

  • Robbie Stewart

    I imagine the equivalent robot for meat harvesting would be a lot more sinister.
    Should probably call it “The Red Thumb”.

  • Ulf Skei

    Now that’s an idea I do believe we shall see realized in the future. Good thinking.

  • Pao M’ Cisneros

    Definitely program him to cook dinner! Really nice idea 😀

  • Lara Streeter

    Can he keep the flowers alive while he’s out there?

  • Chad Chiasson

    Note to self: Dress up as a robot, wear a sign that reads “The Green Thumb”, and show up at Zooey’s with fresh vegetables I picked from my garden.

  • Ali Powers

    I bought a Mooli today, they’re like huge parsnips, only actually a radish, they’re Japanese though this one is from Holland, I was all set to make some Japanese food tonight till I was offered bangers and mash. Now I’m as torn as my sketch book. Please Mooli don’t be another sacrificial fridge vegetable!

  • Jenny Lonussen

    Great invention, all the perks of having a garden without all the hassle. This needs to happen..

  • Ali Powers
  • Spencer Tober

    you dont have time to invent it but you have time to draw it? problem?

  • Beth Curry

    “Stuff I would invent if I had the time” – you know robotics?! 😛

  • Amber Alvarado

    I actually hold the title for the world’s worst gardener. I once killed a cactus… know the plant that needs maybe a second of your attention every year …yeah I killed it

  • Halima Hussaini

    He sounds like a great husband;)

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