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Tights for Skinny Ankles: I am a year round tights girl. I will wear tights even if it’s 100 degrees outside. Tights are my safety blanket. In them, I know that I can do a sweet row of cartwheels anytime, anywhere without anyone catching a glimpse of my knickers. My biggest complaint with tights is that they do not accommodate skinny-ankled people like myself.  I spoke with Hello Giggles BFF and designer Kate Harmer – a fellow tights lover and skinny ankle-haver – about this recently.  We are tired of being judged for having bunchy tights. We don’t want to be held accountable for our lazy stockings. Wolford (who make my favorite tights), if you’re listening, hear our skinny ankle pleas, and make some tights with a little more snap around our well turned heels, please.

  • Melody Liu

    oh wow zooey deschanel has extra wrinkles on the tights around her ankles it’s the end of the world

  • Anna H Shapiro

    YES! And boot sizes with “narrow calves,” instead of “extended” & regular only! <3

  • Josilynn Reynolds

    Not only do i need tights that are tighter around the ankle, i need tights that have suspenders.

  • Zuzana Jandásková

    I actually have a pair of these. The woman in the shop told me they are made to fit better and not tear so easily in boots. So, it already exists! Can´t find any pic to prove it but still….

  • Victoria Tiedemann

    Thank you for this. My mother used to get sad for me as a baby because the tights were always so incredibly baggy on my lanky sticks-for-legs. Thankfully my legs grew . . but the sticks are still sticks and my ankles are so tiny. I can’t wear tights well enough so I instead wear socks most of the time instead. Oh, what tragedy.

  • Annalie Maher

    Your tights pleas have been heard! We are a hosiery retailer in England and we will begin looking into better fitting tights for slender ankles tomorrow morning. We hope to come up with a some news soon.

  • Gina Bou O’Grady

    If only skinny ankles were MY issue LOL, I have cankles unfortunately, I’m not overweight by any means I’m a healthy sz 8, my dream is to rock cute dresses, skirts and/or tights and not have people notice my piano sticks LOL Ah well I can’t relate the baggy tights, try finding “Cankle” bracelet

  • Teresa Marotta

    I would think you could just take them in….make a little dart to taylor in the ankle or do some creative work with elastic perhaps. Skinny ankles are not my issue but I know how to sew and I would think a little alteration would solve your problem

  • Melissa Wilson

    Check it:

    Unless you actually gave this spiel verbatim in an interview, I’m going to call this the laziest reporting ever!

  • Cristina Jiménez

    I want a pair ;)

  • Felipe Cortes

    zooey!! need your help :/
    I wanna give to my best friend your autograph for her birthday, cuz’ she really loves you… please please, could you help me? her name is Adriana Cardenas. just a picture by e-mail or facebook. nothing difficult but it really means a lot to her. thanks in all ways :)
    (this webpage is amazing!!)

  • Nicole B Cosentino-Arntz

    I’m thinking “ribbon & bow embellishments”!

  • MaryBeth Perrin

    shaping microfiber tights last 2 wears with no sagging and start out looking childsized. i use the basic Hanes ones i find at rite aid. they even have textured bottoms for all day foot massage action.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Ohhh, I’m thinking tights for skinny ankles and incredibly short people. Mine bunch around my ankles and my knees…and I wear them pretttty much 24/7 !
    I am too short :3

  • Abbey Daniell

    goodness, how can one human being be such a doll?
    Zooey, you are truly marvelous. :)

  • Debi Phillips Norton

    Oh wait, your idea is the opposite of my idea. I’m a loser. Steal it anyway, I deserve it for not reading thoroughly. Blaming it on head cold. (cough)

  • Debi Phillips Norton

    Okay, don’t tell ANYone, but a friend at work and I decided to create a cross between Spanx and and ankle slimmer, and came up with SPANKLES. Basically YOUR idea. Soooo, Oh what the hell, you have more investor opportunities. Run with it! :)

  • Helen Miller

    Shorter tights would be also be a godsend. Petite people don’t have legs that go on forever, unfortunately our tights seem to.

    • Christin Richter

      ahaha! I think that they should start making tights for the different needs women have. You say that they should be shorter, I say they should be much longer! I have the extra problem of having long legs (inside legs should be at least 1.15m) AND fat thighs (I’m not overreacting here.. I’m not very blessed), but I just love tights. In all colours. Sadly, the world around me always has to have the weird look on their faces because they’re not used to colour.
      On a rainy day it’s my personal duty to bring colours to the people outside.
      Right, the topic! A few years back they had to re-measure people as most clothes didn’t fit anymore with the sizes provided. So what’s going on with tights? Has there anything happened? Maybe somebody with money and influence should start their own tights business and cater to all needs. I’m also always quite annoyed by tights just slipping down (probably because they have to be stretched so much for my needs), which is why i wear an extra pair of knickers over the tights, so they keep up and won’t make me a hip-hop-tights-bunny. In the past i also had to cut some open, so they fit in lenght. Quite frustrating, if you ask me. Oooooh and if we actually found something that really works for us, it’s so expensive that we almost cry when paying for it.

  • Jennifer Parker

    I have skinny ankles and I would very much love to be able to go out and buy these. I wear tights quite a bit because i get sudden urges to climb trees. These tights need to be real! I love you, Ms. Deschanel.

  • Catherine Westcott

    Being winter in Australia now, I have been noticing how my tights bunch up and twist around my ridiculously skinny ankles and there’s no fixing them! They just stay twisted and wrinkly all the time no matter what I do. I also feel quite unlady-like trying (in vain) to fix them up at uni.

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