Slideshows Strange Snack Foods: 10 Snack Foods That Have Gone Too Far Eliza Hurwitz

Certain snack foods are good just the way they are – that’s why these 10 snack food products totally surprised us and had us thinking they have gone too far. Is Cheetos flavored lip gloss necessary? What about Taco flavored Doritos?

Check out 10 snack foods that have gone too far and let us know which, if any of these, you would actually eat. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a big fan of Oreo O’s.


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  1. A soup company here in charming old England has just released a Baked Bean, Cheese and Jacket Potato flavour soup! Can’t quite bring myself to try it…

  2. There has always been taco flavored doritos…. they just recently came back from vacation

  3. Most of these products are fabulous and have been in my pantry: the Goldfish-shaped bread is sweet and nostalgic (though super-overpriced), sweets baked with coke is just how we do in the south, and I am unashamedly in love with the Cool Ranch taco. Also, I haven’t tried the Herr’s chips in question above, but two summers ago, I discovered their sweet corn on the cob chips and have been so simultaneously confused and delighted with a snack food in my life. I will admit, though, that Combos as kind of gross, as is the snack-food-flavored lip balm (despite my hordes of Bonne Bell flavors as a pre-teen).

  4. Oreo O’s were discontinued in 2007. They are only available anymore in South Korea. They were a Post brand cereal, but then Oreos was bought by Kraft. Post owns the recipe to the cereal, while Kraft owns the rights to the Oreo name. Only one company that bought licensing rights before the split still has licensing rights to both Oreos and Post, and that’s a South Korean company. Just FYI.

    Also, what’s so strange about Taco doritos? And rib flavored chips is basically just BBQ flavored, isn’t it? I mean, that’s what ribs are; they’re BBQ sauce flavored.

  5. These must just be available in the US. I don’t recall seeing these in Canada. I don’t feel as if I’m missing out either.

  6. 1 Bread shaped like something else isn’t weird. Have you never made cookies shaped like something?
    2 Baking with soda is not all that odd; it’s actually done a lot in the south.
    3 The flavoured lip glosses, combos and the Oreo O’s have been around since I was a kid, which is like 10-15 years ago. The lip glosses are disgusting. The combos are gross and Oreo O’s are awesome.
    Basically, this list isn’t that weird, but if I had to choose, the pumpkin pie spice sounds the weirdest, but I’d probably try them since Pumpkin anything is delicious. I would NEVER try those Oreos, the cream is the worst part!!!

  7. I bought the Goldfish bread for my kids because I was hoping it would make them want to eat a sandwich…didn’t work though. :( Also, everyone in our house LOVES the taco flavored Doritos! We can hardly keep the bag more than a day because everyone devours them. Nom nom nom!

  8. Goldfish bread is cute for children, and I’d say the ‘chicken and waffles’ Lay’s are way weirder than the ‘baby back ribs’ Herr’s. Also, Doritos has ‘cheeseburger’ flavor.

  9. 7Up pound cake sounds awesome. Also, the Cheesy Dorito tacos are too much, but I actually kind of love the Cool Ranch ones…… and I’m honestly surprised it took them so long to come out with Oreo cereal, though I’ve never tried it… I’m not big on chocolate cereal.

  10. This list isn’t that crazy…. Have you seriously never heard of a cake baked with some sort of beverage in it? Freaking yum…

  11. I’ve had the goldfish bread. It’s not ‘goldfish’ flavored, it’s regular old bread shaped like goldfish. my daughter loves ‘em.

  12. Doritos Locos Tacos are the shiznet. Especially the Cool Ranch ones! You will never eat a plain taco shell again, I swear! And the Triple Double Oreos are hella good, too.

  13. So gross! This is (one reason) why I eat a whole foods plant based diet.