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Stories From The Vault: 10 Year High School Reunion

I really believe that all these years after high school, we’ve only gotten better looking. I was relieved that so many people agreed when I said this on one of my social networks recently. As far as I’m concerned, we’ve come a long way since then and the girls whose fathers wouldn’t allow them to cut their hair back then are now “on their Kim K” with their own sexy interpretations of who they’ve become.

Last year was our 10 year high school reunion, as organized by a good friend who took the time to design our t-shirts, reserve a room for us at a nice night club and even set us up with three drink tickets each, which were put to very good use.

When you read books and watch movies about these events, you become hesitant to attend high school reunions because you’re left with the impression that people will be disappointed when they see you or that you’ll have nothing to show for all the years that have gone by. What I determined that night was that after ten years, we got way better looking and we were more fun to be around. Things are much more different when you’ve lived your life a little and you’ve been liberated from teenage difficulties. And though I think I’ve put on at least twenty or thirty pounds since then, I’m far more confident than I ever thought I could be.

I recognized a few girls from my junior year classes and my jaw dropped. They were stunning! Some of them had kids and all their pregnancies did was add very graceful curves to what were once thin and lanky figures. They looked fabulous and I had them pose with me in a few foggy pictures.

I thought back to some of the stuff I wore during school and I realized that even now I struggle to put together an outfit that compels someone to say, “Damn girl, you look fly!” I played it safe and wore a black mini skirt with a black blouse, black tights and Chinese Laundry heels. My mom helped me pick out jewelry which specifically matched our school colors (some gold, if you must know). It felt like a safe outfit, because can you really go wrong with black? Also, it was comfortable without looking sloppy and I’m really good at turning anything into a uniform of slack.

What I had forgotten about reconnecting with old friends is that one of the biggest changes is that very few of us are virgins anymore (none of us) and talking to the opposite sex is no longer awkward, especially when you’ve had a few free vodka tonics. Sure enough, the boy I remembered from as far back as junior high had since bulked up and after a few drinks was dipping into a reservoir of confidence I never knew he had.

In the time since I’d last seen him, he’d gotten married, had a child and then got divorced. As for me, I had spent those years working two to three jobs and going to school full time for what turned into a six year college plan. After that, I taught for a few years and then started on a new career all over again and there I was, holding my rum & coke and avoiding eye contact because some things just never change when I’m around men.

When anyone asked if I was married, they did it knowing that it was a cliché thing to bring up and I knew they only half meant it. “Nope, not married yet,” I answered, “What are you drinking?” Much of the night went on that way.

The party organizer set us up with a few ballots on which we voted within a few categories, my favorite being “Reunion Queen” for which I nominated our gay friend. He didn’t win that night but I told him as far as I was concerned, he was our Reunion Queen and we hugged.

As we danced, the sexy and newly-single former classmate handed me a Lemondrop and whispered, “You know, you don’t have to go home tonight.”

“You’re probably right,” I said, “I don’t.” I went and sat with a girl friend and let the statement sort of marinate in my thoughts while I finished my drink.

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