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Who loves ma home gurl Tay Tay? I do! And my friends do! But I’ve noticed that not everyone is on board with my home gurl Tay Tay (I’m going to stop saying that now) and she has been getting a lot of hate. Now, if you don’t know that much about Taylor Swift, here is a quick recap:


  • Taylor Swift was born December 13, 1989.  Read that again. NINETEEN EIGHTY-NINE. And keep that in mind as I tell you what she’s accomplished in the years from 1989 until now.
  • She has always wanted to be a singer.
  • In 2006, she came out with her first album, the self-titled Taylor Swift. It was very country; there’s a song called ‘Tim McGraw’ which is a love song, actually. “When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think of me.” I love this line. So many of Taylor Swift’s songs are this personal, this full of wanting a boy to think of her, or like her, or remembering a moment they shared.
  • ‘Our Song’ was Taylor’s first hit, right off that Taylor Swift album.
  • In 2008, Taylor was nominated for the Grammy Award for the Best New Artist, but lost that one to Amy Winehouse.
  • Later that year, Taylor came out with what would be her best-selling ever album, Fearless, which featured the songs ‘Love Story’  and ‘You Belong To Me’. Check them out and you’ll get why they became HUMONGOUS hits.
  • In 2009, Taylor won a VMA and met Kanye West and got to see why Beyoncé is such a queen.
  • In 2010, Taylor became the youngest artist ever to win the Grammy award for Album of the Year for Fearless.
  • In 2010, she came out with a new album called Speak Now. It sold over 1 million copies after the first week. OVER ONE MILLION!!!
  • And now, like right now, we’ve been getting little bits of Taylor,  like the song ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’, all in anticipation of the latest and greatest album coming out on October 22, Red. Yay, Taylor!

So while thinking of ideas for this week’s article, I thought I would write about how amazing an artist she is. I mean, she’s accomplished so much, not just in winning awards, but in becoming a musician, which is super hard. But while doing my research, I noticed a lot of hate. So, I did what a normal Ruby does when confused by seeing all this not-nicesness. I Googled it. Yeah. I looked up “Why are people hating on Taylor Swift?” and I can not tell you how many hate articles popped up, with people saying mean things like “She can’t sing!” and “It’s all auto-tune.”


Okay, I understand people are entitled to their own opinion. I get it. T-Swizzle isn’t some people’s type! And that’s okay. But don’t hate on other people’s opinions for it. Some people just don’t like that type of music! No biggie. But for those of you who just have to dis on Taylor Swift, you need to realize a few things:

  • Taylor Swift is a HUGE inspiration to girls all over the world. Don’t take that away from them (US!).
  • Taylor creates music girls my age, younger and older can appreciate. Some of her songs make us feel awesome, and others make us feel like, awww, Taylor, it’s gonna be okay. And both things and all the things in between are things girls can appreciate.
  • What is wrong about writing love songs? That’s where she is in her life. And also, a love song is deep, it’s emotional, it’s part of her experience. Maybe you can’t relate to being dumped or liking a boy, but there are so many of us who can.
  • We don’t care what famous person she’s dating.
  • Girl artists tend to be the target of mean comments. They’re too fat or they’re too skinny or they’re too whiny or they’re too nice or they’re too inappropriate  or they’re too auto-tuned or they’re not The Beatles or they’re….ARGH!!!!! Why? I don’t know. Is it such a crime against humanity that a girl is making music that MILLIONS of people listen to?
  • HATE is a bad word. As bad as the other words that are bad. I understand, you may not like that type of music but NEVER say you hate HER. If you “hate” her music, okay. But HATE Taylor? What is that? Do you know her? Did you go have ice cream with her and she was like, meh, I don’t want to be your friend anymore? Don’t leave the negative comments on the YouTube channels and instead, go for a run in the great outdoors. Or pick up some flowers for your mom. Channel the bad energy into something good.

Yeah. So there you go. Taylor Swift. To me, she’s awesome. Hopefully to you, too. And for the people who are not on the same page as me, and on behalf of all Tay Tay fans, stop hating on Taylor! It’s not nice.

  • Shalma Movassaghi
  • Callie Jo McCurdy

    The content of her music does not have any value of a real, hardworking musician. I would be wowed by her much more if she had more variety other than boys and heartache. What she doing is by no mean revolutionary in the music business. She does not inspire self-worth and strength, she inspires the fact that is okay to weep over men and dote on them. Beyonce does a better job delivering a sense of self-worth in her music as a pop star than Taylor Swift does.

    Not impressed. I have been writing music since I was 12 and have always wanted to be a MUSICIAN not just a singer. I am by no means famous, but I understand the difference between a musician and a mediocre singer/songwriter who has no depth to their musicality and or lyrics.

  • Christopher William Riordan

    I don’t like OR hate Taylor Swift, I’m just not into her music – why is this an “article” on HelloGiggles? It’s just a few paragraphs requesting people don’t “hate on” her? And why did I spend 12 minutes reading it?

  • Ashley Woolsey

    My 3 year old is her biggest fan and I have zero problems with that. She knows every word to every song and she gets PUMPED if she comes on the radio. If she grows up having Taylor as a role model then Im one happy momma. She doesnt cruse, doesnt talk about sex drugs and alcohol, she stays out of the spotlight pretty well for someone who is so famous, and so young and Im sure that isnt easy to do. I also think that just because a young girl listens to her music does not mean that she will take every lyric she says to heart, it is just a song people. If we all took every lyric to every song seriously wed probably be pretty messed up. I think differentiating between liking a good pop/country song and actually living your life by the music is pretty important.
    Also when I was growing up I was shaking my booty to ‘genie in a bottle’ and I think I turned out to be pretty normal.

    lastly my daughter and I are jamming out to RED right now and we approve. You keep doing your thing Taylor!

  • Sierra Michelle Berkenbile

    If you honestly think that Taylor Swifts music perpetuates the idea that a girls self worth is tied men and relationships, you really need to do a little more research. You are pulling hairs at this point, she is a wonderfully successful woman that can honestly say she writes a lot of her own music (Which for country AND pop is really saying something). Most artists, like Taylor, clearly reflect their inner-most thoughts and feelings into their music and to shame her for that is just as bad as shaming her for dressing not appropriately enough (which is not even an argument) or for involving herself in drugs or alcohol. Why pick on someone like Taylor Swift when you can pick on someone with a serious drug addiction or any number of rap artists who shame women? It’s a waste of time. She works hard, loves her fans, and is besties with miss Ellen D. Find someone better to disagree with, hating her is like hating a kitten or something equally as innocent.

  • Sam Grant

    The negative, it doesn’t matter if it’s Taylor Swift, no matter where you look on the internet, there’s the negative, people that just have to be snarky, mean or just hateful. It makes me wonder if they like anything in their life. What a waste of time but so much easier than creating something of your own.

  • Kuenai Itachi

    She is a good role model for young girls because she doesn’t objectify herself like just about every other pop singer in the business. She doesn’t sell her body or sex to men, like most other pop singers. She doesn’t glorify drugs or alcohol. Her songs are harmless love stories. I am in full support of feminism, but you all are reading too much into her songs. If I had to choose what music I’d let my daughter (or son) listen to, I’d pick Taylor Swift any day over any other pop singer out there. She has songs about being strong, and standing up to bullies, and respecting your parents and taking care of your family, which I think are very important values for young girls AND boys.

  • Robert Remillard

    Took my daughter to see Taylor at the Staples Center last year. I am not a C/W fan but I was entertained. She is an extremely talented young woman.

  • Sameer Raghuram

    I do not hate Taylor Swift. But I do find her music pretty annoying and stale. Each and every song sounds the same, all of them seem to have the same theme (love).
    She is labelled as a ‘Country Artist’. She isn’t. She falls into the category of ‘overproduced acoustic pop’. Do you know who is a Country Artist? Bonnie Raitt.
    I guess, the reason why I don’t like her music is because she sings all her songs to a target audience (young girls). There is no problem in that, but seriously, there are a myriad of emotions and topics that music can encompass. I don’t think there is any harm in doing something other than romance.
    Does she have potential? Hell’s yes. While I cannot really appreciate her music, I respect the amount of effort she puts into each song.(she write’s almost all of them).
    And she is pretty :)

  • Cole Turner

    Selling the most albums doesn’t make an artist “great.” Considering that her songs have become extremely stale, “girl power” themed love songs sets her apart from artists who actually do try to diversify the subject matter they use on each song, I’d say she’s a long way from becoming a “great” artist.

  • Sararose A. Thompson

    Ok, so starting with the fact that she supposedly sings too many songs about guys. Why does it matter? The girl likes to sing about her love life. So what? Its hers to sing about. Secondly love, is not the only thing she sings about.

    From her self titled album Taylor Swift

    A Place In This World- This song is simply about a girl trying to find her way in the world.

    The Outside- While this song could be about a guy, I’ve never really gotten that from it. Looking at it from a high school perspective (that was the age group she was in when it was done) it was about being exiled from a particular social group.

    Tied Together With a Smile- This one has always been a favorite of mine. This song is about putting on a good face, no matter how much you are hurting inside from whatever issue might be. She does mention a guy at one point, but that is far from being the focus of the song.

    From the CD Fearless

    The Best Day- This song is all about her mom. It talks all about how supportive and loving she is.

    Change- This song could be applied to many situations, but the message basically comes to this, never back down no matter what challenges may come.

    From the CD Speak Now

    Mean- This was written in reference to a popular online columnist, who doesn’t like. It can really be applied to any situation having to do with bullying.

    Never Grow Up- This is pretty self explanitory. Don’t grow up before your time.

    Innocent- She took this opportunity to publicly forgive Kanye West for stealing her moment. The general message is everyone makes mistakes.

    Long Live- She wrote this song about herself and her band mates. It is pretty much about how they are living this amazing life.

    From the Hunger Games soundtrack

    Eyes Open- The basic idea behind this song, is everyone is waiting for you to screw up.

    Safe & Sound- For this she collaborated with The Civil Wars. The theme of this song is that in the morning everything will be alright.

    I haven’t heard very much of her newest album Red, so I can’t speak for it, but I’m sure romantic love will not be the only theme.

    As for whether or not she is a good role model for young girls, I happen to think she is. She conducts herself like a lady and doesn’t get into trouble. More importantly though, I don’t think it really matters what kind of role model she is. It is not her job, or any other celebrity’s job for that matter, to set an example for kids. That is the job of the parent, not anyone else. If you believe you are raising kids that are this easily influenced, what does that say about you as a parent and the values you have instilled in them? I listened to all sorts of crazy stuff growing up, but I didn’t feel the need to go out and emulate that kind of behavior.

    The bottom line is this, it is her life and she can do with it what she chooses. If she wants to sing about every guy she’s ever had a thing for, it is her choice. You don’t like it, don’t listen to it. At the end of the day, she is still the highest earning recording artist under 30, which proves she has plenty of fans. A few inconsequential naysayers probably isn’t going to ruin her day.

  • Ashley McLachlan

    I think it’s funny that people have nothing better to do then sit around and judge Taylor swift, seriously there are more important people in the world that actually deserve the hate. How about people who are out there killing people and actually doing big horrible things. Is society that low where we have to bag on someone who has done nothing wrong at all but be themself and be honest with the world? I have children and Taylor swift is one of the few people i feel comfortable with. I know my kids can listen to her cd and not be subjected to foul word’s or drugs theres not many people out there that have albums without either of thoese thing’s in them. Yeah so maybe she sing’s a lot about boys excuse me but i thought about boys all the time to when i was younger same with every girl i know heck most of them still do, sooooo what at least she isn’t using her influence to teach people about let’s party take drug’s tonight. Jesus people get over yourself’s there is people out there that deserve your hate that have killed women and children and actually hurt people!

  • Megan Gattozzi

    excuse me for the typos and redundancy. I try to be eloquent, but I usually fail at almost 4 east coast time.

  • Allyson Kate Mcardle

    I’ve loved her since Love Story, just before it came out on Channel V, my dad showed me her video on the Country Music Channel (When he was obsessed with country music) and I instantly downloaded her latest album.
    What I get from her lyrics are her experiences and her thoughts and opinions. I don’t think she’s trying to mould young girls’ minds into thinking they need a man to make them feel complete or anything. These are her experiences and so what if her songs inspirations come from break-ups and falling in love, isn’t that where a lot of women get inspiration to change from?
    And have you heard her song Never Grow Up? That’s not about boys, I absolutely love that song!

  • Angel Alica Dawn Gillihan

    And also because she claims she’s country and she’s SO not.

    • Allyson Kate Mcardle

      She used to be…

  • Angel Alica Dawn Gillihan

    I don’t dislike because of the way she looks or because of who she dates. I dislike her because she claims Hendersonville TN as her hometown, and it is not. She’s from PA. I don’t like her because she took over the best park in Hendersonville and made it shit. I don’t like her because it seems all she can write about it boys, and honestly, someone who can only think of those things to write songs about should not be artists. And you know, she was never meant to be a singer. Her record label only wanted to buy her songs, but she wouldn’t sell them to them unless SHE could be the singer. So that shows that they didn’t like her singing. :P

    • Megan Ann Bridges

      I think that you need to do some fact checking…

  • Cosette Bailey

    Honestly, my only issue is that she claims to write songs about her life… yet all of her songs are about men. Does she really have no life outside of dating? Shes pretty and shes talented but she just needs to pick a new topic because this is getting old. sing about how hard it is to make it big, or following dreams or something.

  • Karen Datangel

    One of the other issues that hasn’t been addressed is how she’s still being labeled a country artist when “Speak Now” and her new album are obviously very much on the pop side. Well, I guess she still has some country-like songs like “Mean,” but her newer stuff like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “I Knew You Were Trouble” are not at all like that, yet the country music industry still seems to worship her. She can make that kind of music if she wants to but when it’s still being labeled as country, then it takes away recognition from real country artists. I don’t consider Taylor a country artist anymore. She’s a full-fledged pop artist with country roots, or a country-fied pop artist, if you may.

    That being said, I LOVE Taylor Swift. I kind of understand why people hate her regarding the messages in her songs, but some of her fans are mature enough not to be too swayed by it! I don’t agree with everything she says, but I feel the same way about a lot of other artists whose music I enjoy. I can’t help but feel happy when I listen to this girl’s songs. She has an undeniable x-factor. Maybe not her voice, but there’s something in her lyrics, the production, and in the way she’s been toying with different genres lately. I’ve seen her live twice and they’ve been some of my favorite shows that I’ve ever been to and also, I’ve never heard an awful thing about people who’ve met her. Plus, she seems to be really loved and respected amongst her peers in the industry. I’d hang out with her! I can’t wait to pick up her new album later today!

  • Hannah Wyatt

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  • Diah Putri Astuti

    I’m agree with this article, totally! Many of Taylor’s haters think that she can’t really well. Let me tell you, maybe her voice is not the best, like high-pitch note of Mariah Carey or any amazing voices, but her ‘ordinary’ voice it’s one of her charm. Why? because she sings songs with stories that most of us can relate to with our life. And with that voice, it feels like everyone can sing a long, no matter how good or bad you are at singing. We just sing what we really feel and Taylor do that for us. That’s why she is AWESOME.

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