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Stop Hating On Taylor Swift

Who loves ma home gurl Tay Tay? I do! And my friends do! But I’ve noticed that not everyone is on board with my home gurl Tay Tay (I’m going to stop saying that now) and she has been getting a lot of hate. Now, if you don’t know that much about Taylor Swift, here is a quick recap:


  • Taylor Swift was born December 13, 1989.  Read that again. NINETEEN EIGHTY-NINE. And keep that in mind as I tell you what she’s accomplished in the years from 1989 until now.
  • She has always wanted to be a singer.
  • In 2006, she came out with her first album, the self-titled Taylor Swift. It was very country; there’s a song called ‘Tim McGraw’ which is a love song, actually. “When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think of me.” I love this line. So many of Taylor Swift’s songs are this personal, this full of wanting a boy to think of her, or like her, or remembering a moment they shared.
  • ‘Our Song’ was Taylor’s first hit, right off that Taylor Swift album.
  • In 2008, Taylor was nominated for the Grammy Award for the Best New Artist, but lost that one to Amy Winehouse.
  • Later that year, Taylor came out with what would be her best-selling ever album, Fearless, which featured the songs ‘Love Story’  and ‘You Belong To Me’. Check them out and you’ll get why they became HUMONGOUS hits.
  • In 2009, Taylor won a VMA and met Kanye West and got to see why Beyoncé is such a queen.
  • In 2010, Taylor became the youngest artist ever to win the Grammy award for Album of the Year for Fearless.
  • In 2010, she came out with a new album called Speak Now. It sold over 1 million copies after the first week. OVER ONE MILLION!!!
  • And now, like right now, we’ve been getting little bits of Taylor,  like the song ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’, all in anticipation of the latest and greatest album coming out on October 22, Red. Yay, Taylor!

So while thinking of ideas for this week’s article, I thought I would write about how amazing an artist she is. I mean, she’s accomplished so much, not just in winning awards, but in becoming a musician, which is super hard. But while doing my research, I noticed a lot of hate. So, I did what a normal Ruby does when confused by seeing all this not-nicesness. I Googled it. Yeah. I looked up “Why are people hating on Taylor Swift?” and I can not tell you how many hate articles popped up, with people saying mean things like “She can’t sing!” and “It’s all auto-tune.”


Okay, I understand people are entitled to their own opinion. I get it. T-Swizzle isn’t some people’s type! And that’s okay. But don’t hate on other people’s opinions for it. Some people just don’t like that type of music! No biggie. But for those of you who just have to dis on Taylor Swift, you need to realize a few things:

  • Taylor Swift is a HUGE inspiration to girls all over the world. Don’t take that away from them (US!).
  • Taylor creates music girls my age, younger and older can appreciate. Some of her songs make us feel awesome, and others make us feel like, awww, Taylor, it’s gonna be okay. And both things and all the things in between are things girls can appreciate.
  • What is wrong about writing love songs? That’s where she is in her life. And also, a love song is deep, it’s emotional, it’s part of her experience. Maybe you can’t relate to being dumped or liking a boy, but there are so many of us who can.
  • We don’t care what famous person she’s dating.
  • Girl artists tend to be the target of mean comments. They’re too fat or they’re too skinny or they’re too whiny or they’re too nice or they’re too inappropriate  or they’re too auto-tuned or they’re not The Beatles or they’re….ARGH!!!!! Why? I don’t know. Is it such a crime against humanity that a girl is making music that MILLIONS of people listen to?
  • HATE is a bad word. As bad as the other words that are bad. I understand, you may not like that type of music but NEVER say you hate HER. If you “hate” her music, okay. But HATE Taylor? What is that? Do you know her? Did you go have ice cream with her and she was like, meh, I don’t want to be your friend anymore? Don’t leave the negative comments on the YouTube channels and instead, go for a run in the great outdoors. Or pick up some flowers for your mom. Channel the bad energy into something good.

Yeah. So there you go. Taylor Swift. To me, she’s awesome. Hopefully to you, too. And for the people who are not on the same page as me, and on behalf of all Tay Tay fans, stop hating on Taylor! It’s not nice.

  • Ashley Chupp

    Honestly, the problem a lot of us feminist types have with Taylor Swift has nothing to do with how she sings or who she dates. It has to do with the idea she perpetuates that a girl’s self-worth is tied to boys’ opinions of her and also the way she victimizes herself in her songs and turns other girls into villains simply for the crime of being the object of the affections of a boy Taylor wants for herself.

    There’s also that “She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts” idea that pits girls against other girls. There are “good” girls who are shy and special and don’t get the attention they deserve. And then there are “bad” girls who are brazen and promiscuous and steal all the male attention away from the good ones. This just isn’t true and it is a VERY dangerous mindset to promote in young girls. It’s so easy to convince yourself that the reason that boy doesn’t like you is because you’re just too much sweeter or shyer or more well-behaved than all the other girls you know. And that is the sort of line of thought that perpetuates girl-on-girl hate and bullying.

    If you want, you can check out this article. I will warn that there is some strong language in it, but there are a lot of good points that might shed light on why so many feminists take issue with Taylor Swift.

    • Ruby Karp

      Thanks for this. I was really talking about haters who are just down on Taylor Swift (and other girl artists). Because of course I am a feminist and also the thing is, I AM a young girl and my self-esteem is not tied to what a boy thinks of me, its what I think of me. And also, being my age and being in my life is bigger than any song by any artist. But I m going to read this ad I want to thank you.

    • Sarah Elizabeth Mason

      Listen to the lyrics of “You Belong With Me” again and listen closely. She isn’t hating on a group of teenage girls who wear skirts and high heels but is merely contrasting herself to one girl. Her songs come from real life experiences. It would be the same as saying ‘I wear pink gloss, she wears red lipstick’…not downing girls that wear red lipstick just using adjectives to color her story. And feminists dislike her not because she takes it hard when a relationship goes south but because she is honest about those feelings. Twenty-first century women are supposed to ‘be tough’ and not let men see that they have the ability to hurt us. The fact is that women can be fragile and Taylor is very open about those feelings. Her songs have a vulnerability to them that make them universal. I think her ability to be that vulnerable shows incredible strength. And in that sense, she’s more of a feminist than most feminists today.

      • Ruby Karp

        AMEN SISTA!

      • Kelly Fuehrer

        YES!!! You nailed it exactly!

    • Ngoc Tran

      While I respect and understand what you’re saying, I have to say I actually completely disagree. I’ve listened to the majority of Swift’s songs and although her happier songs make me go ‘awww’ and her sadder ones make me feel for her, I’ve never felt that there’s any insinuation that you’re not whole unless you’re dating someone (in fact, I’d go so far to say some of them say the opposite when you listen to her sing about some of the things she’s gone through!

      I also disagree that her songs pits girls against girls – ‘Better than Revenge’ is the only one that comes close to doing this, and I feel that this song encapsulates that sort of blind, raw betrayal you feel when you have anything snatched away from you so suddenly. I don’t think most of us are above feeling anything short of pure hatred in the first moment that we learn something like this. If you listen to the whole song, you see that she doesn’t paint a pretty picture of herself either, and I think that’s what this song is really about – sometimes in the heat of the moment, you want to do a lot of things that in retrospect, you’ll later regret.

      I also don’t understand it when people complain that she writes too many love songs – she’s an artist, and artists write whatever they feel most strongly about. It’s almost like saying “Oh, J.K. Rowling wrote too many books about Wizards” or “Stephanie Meyer writes too many supernatural themed novels.” She writes music, and we have a choice of whether or not we want to listen to it. She’s not enforcing it on anyone.

      I hope you don’t take any offence from this message – I fully respect your opinion, and this is just me presenting mine :)

  • Mallory Wagner

    I dislike the slut shaming she does. Just because a girl wears short skirts doesn’t make her the villain. And the song ‘Better than Revenge’ teaches girls to blame the girl for making her guy stray and not the guy who made the commitment to her. While the girl isn’t blameless, not one part of that song blames the man for cheating on her. It’s a horrible message to send.

    But I do like some of her songs. I just don’t like that she’s using her influence on young girls everywhere to send these messages.

    • Kelly Fuehrer

      I think the point was that as women, we should also stay away from men who are dating. Some women think that they can go after a man who’s dating because he’s not married. I think the point Taylor is trying to make is that we should stay away from men who are in any sort of romantic relationship.

  • Kaitlyn Whiteside

    I would consider myself a feminist and yet I have no problem with Taylor Swift. Not all music is meant to be taken seriously all the time. She makes fun pop music. What’s so wrong with that? Also, do feminists really think that young girls are so impressionable that they’ll get ideas about relationships from a Taylor Swift song? They’re basically insinuating that girls can’t think for themselves, which, if I’m not mistaken, is not what feminism is about at all.

    • Ruby Karp


  • Camille Eisenhauer

    I think she’s a great lyricist, and I think that she’s a really honest celebrity. I just don’t like her voice as well. Not saying I hate it, but her voice and her style of music are the only things that I find, well, not appealing. Other than that, I really do think that she is one of the few famous musicians that really deserve to be a star.

  • Frances Zoidberg Locke

    She seems like a sweet kid and I generally like her but I get the annoyance at some of the girl on girl drama in her music. It doesn’t matter if she meant it to come off that way, it does and perhaps she should address it.

    In relation to your response to another comment though, saying “She wears short skirts and I wear T-shirts” is not the same as comparing lip gloss. The implication that one girl is a brazen popular girl who wears revealing clothes is obvious and intentional in my opinion. I’m sure the idea was to make shyer, less outgoing girls feel good but teenage girls are mean enough to each other already.

    • Jesica Vaisman

      I think you are wrong. Its not about hating that other girl, its about saying how she is not girly like.

  • Laura Sebastian

    Even though I consider myself a feminist, I think the hate she gets is largely undeserved. As Ruby points out, Taylor’s been writing songs since she was a teenager. We’re the same age and I wasn’t aware of what slut shaming was or how harmful it was until a year or so ago. Girls say things like that not because they’re bad people but because it’s what society has taught us.

    Also, from what I’ve heard of Red, there aren’t any songs that put down girls in any way. Isn’t it possible that she’s getting more mature and realizing how harmful some of her lyrics have been to girls? Instead of judging people for naive slip-ups made in their past, can’t we just support each other?

    • Kelly Fuehrer

      As we get older, we do tend to realize that the things we do and say have an affect on others. I bet she is going on what she is learning as she gets older too. If Taylor sang about shopping and spa days, people would bash her anyway. The music industry can be a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” type of thing.

  • Callie Leone

    Here’s my issue with TSwift, I don’t think she’s a great role model for young girls. While a lot of her music is easy to relate to, it’s easy to relate to because it perpetuates self-defeating behavior in young women. There aren’t many songs where she grabs the reins of her life as opposed to the number where she felt heartbroken, ruined, and wanted to give up.
    You know what that says to girls? You can’t live without a boyfriend. And that’s not a message you want to send.
    She profits off demonstrating low-self-esteem to vulnerable girls. My cousin showed some depressive tendencies, and I’d say Swift’s music was bad for her because it told her to wallow in sorrow instead of standing up and doing something else!
    Otherwise, I wholeheartedly agree, commentary on female artists has both run rampant and is simply not fair.

    • Kuenai Itachi

      Her music isn’t all self-defeating. A lot of is actually empowering. I’d urge you to go listen to the songs of hers that aren’t on the radio and pay attention to the lyrics. Also, she has many songs that aren’t about boys, which deal with topics like standing up to bullies, respecting your parents, being a good friend, having the courage to overcome obstacles in life, having a healthy self-image, and many more. Most people judge her just on the songs that make it to the radio and TV, but there’s a lot more to her music than that. I’d rather have her as a role model for a young person than a woman who is glorifying drugs and alcohol, using foul language left and right, and selling sex, as most other female artists in the business are.

  • Olivia Lee Andrews

    Sorry but I just couldn’t resist…it’s “You Belong With Me”, not “You Belong To Me”.

    • Ruby Karp

      I know! So embarrassed abut my typo! Like duh!

  • Carly Vinkavich

    Honestly Taylor Swift is one of the better role models for young girls in comparison to every other celebrity. Yes, her music is almost always about boys. BUT, if we are being fair, boys are what most girls in and around school age think about. If Taylor sang about other, more feminist and mature things she would not be the success she is today. Don’t hate the girl, hate the system.

  • Kelli Tilford

    I LOVE Taylor Swift! I don’t think it’s “slut shaming” that she compared her shy self to a cheerleader. As someone in high school a lot of guys are more interested in a cheerleader than someone who wears modest clothing. It’s not saying it’s a bad thing that cheerleaders wear short skirts, she was just writing about her personal experince in high school. Also, she’s my role model and I think she’s a great one! She doesn’t do drugs, go wild at parties or anything like most 22 year old celeberities. Listen to “Tied Together With A Smile” a song about a girl struggling with self image or “Mean” telling girls that no matter what bullying they go through, they’re better than that. Yeah, she sings songs about boys but that’s her personal experince so it makes sense and is ver relatable. Just my thoughts. :)

    • Kelly Fuehrer

      You know, I would rather my daughter listen to Taylor Swift than some of the other singers out there. When I was in high school I was more of the shy one (and still am to a certain degree). She seems to be more in line with me morally than others, again, and I can’t help but like that. Having a young woman who is, perhaps, a bit more wholesome is not bad. She reaches a wide audience because there are more wholesome girls out there who are often ignored. I wish I had Taylor songs when I was a teen instead of “Genie in a Bottle” and how you have to “rub her the right way.”

  • Leraine Tass

    Taylor Swift is a great role model for girls and I do not see why people think she is so bad.Her lyrics tell stories of what happens in her life, people relate to a lot of it, sure not everyone is going to relate to every story but most of her boy heartbreak stories is what a lot of people go through. Maybe she would try and be nicer about ” slut shaming” in her stories but lets be honest, if she was trying to make it less offensive for everyone if probably wouldn’t rhyme. Secondly it was something that happened to her, the popular people ganged up on her and she is sharing what happened, I don’t really think that is called “slut shaming” but you can do what you like. If you see her on interviews then you it can be plainly spotted that she is one of the most down to earth nice and sweet celebrity’s out there, those quality’s makes her a great role model and a great songwriter. Just my opinion.

  • Lorann Schindler

    Sure Taylor Swift seems like a nice girl, but she annoys me to no end. Every song she sings/writes is the same. They are all about boys. If she is such a great role model then why can she not write and sing about real issues? Yes, teenage girls have boy drama but they don’t need 60 songs from one musician to relate to on the matter. Why can’t Taylor Swift sing about something that empowers young girls instead of making them think that their self worth is measured up against whether a boy likes them or not? Not sending the best message I think. Look at the Dear John song. People called John Mayer a wimp for saying in Rolling stone what he did about her. But he was right. Yeah people have deemed John Mayer as a douche lord and he has behaved in that manner before. But he sings and writes about real issues and he wasn’t wrong is saying that his feelings were hurt by her so obviously writing a song about him. Taylor Swift dates boy after boy and then writes songs slamming each one. In my opinion she doesn’t genuinely date them. She dates them, plays victim and then gets her song out of it. That’s just my two cents on the matter though.

    • Deborah Andrews

      I 100% agree Lorann.
      She’s a bit of a trailer slut, and gets away with it ” because she’s so sweet and innocent”. I call BS, she’s not at all sweet.and innocent. And I love how in her new video she’s wearing the nerd glasses again. Sorry, not picking up what you’re throwing down Trashy Taylor!

      • Jesica Vaisman

        This is exactly the kind of things that are really wrong. Ok, so you don’t like her, even if you don’t know her. That’s fine, even if I don’t agree you can judge someone the way you do. But calling her Trashy Taylor is mean and its not constructive. You are just bashing on someone, and I really don’t know way. Does it make you feel better about yourself, being mean to other people?

  • Callie Marie

    I don’t get that people think she should write about real issues. She has said in interviews that she only writes what she has been through. These songs are her diary and not all of her songs are about boys or heartbreak. “Fifteen”, “Mean”, “Never Grow Up”, “Best Day”, “A Place in this World” and “Ronan” are not about boys, there about growing up, family, and bullies. She also talks about the good in her relationships “Enchanted” is one of my favorite as well as “Mine”. I don’t think the dark ones are causing girls to be depressed after a break up but it does help through. It is nice to know that someone else has gone through these feelings during relationships because not many artist write about it as personally as Taylor Swift does. I don’t think she tears down girls, I was a cheerleader in high school as well as the shy girl and I don’t take offense in “You Belong With Me”. Does she go over the top on occasion? Yes. But does she learn from it and matures from it each time? Yes. That is the point of growing up, you make mistakes and you learn from them. I am almost exactly the same age as Taylor and I find her inspiring! She has done so much in just almost 23 years of life it helps me realize that so much is possible for me. That is how she is a good role model not in her relationships which everyone over analyzes.

  • Diah Putri Astuti

    I’m agree with this article, totally! Many of Taylor’s haters think that she can’t really well. Let me tell you, maybe her voice is not the best, like high-pitch note of Mariah Carey or any amazing voices, but her ‘ordinary’ voice it’s one of her charm. Why? because she sings songs with stories that most of us can relate to with our life. And with that voice, it feels like everyone can sing a long, no matter how good or bad you are at singing. We just sing what we really feel and Taylor do that for us. That’s why she is AWESOME.

  • Hannah Wyatt

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  • Karen Datangel

    One of the other issues that hasn’t been addressed is how she’s still being labeled a country artist when “Speak Now” and her new album are obviously very much on the pop side. Well, I guess she still has some country-like songs like “Mean,” but her newer stuff like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “I Knew You Were Trouble” are not at all like that, yet the country music industry still seems to worship her. She can make that kind of music if she wants to but when it’s still being labeled as country, then it takes away recognition from real country artists. I don’t consider Taylor a country artist anymore. She’s a full-fledged pop artist with country roots, or a country-fied pop artist, if you may.

    That being said, I LOVE Taylor Swift. I kind of understand why people hate her regarding the messages in her songs, but some of her fans are mature enough not to be too swayed by it! I don’t agree with everything she says, but I feel the same way about a lot of other artists whose music I enjoy. I can’t help but feel happy when I listen to this girl’s songs. She has an undeniable x-factor. Maybe not her voice, but there’s something in her lyrics, the production, and in the way she’s been toying with different genres lately. I’ve seen her live twice and they’ve been some of my favorite shows that I’ve ever been to and also, I’ve never heard an awful thing about people who’ve met her. Plus, she seems to be really loved and respected amongst her peers in the industry. I’d hang out with her! I can’t wait to pick up her new album later today!

  • Cosette Bailey

    Honestly, my only issue is that she claims to write songs about her life… yet all of her songs are about men. Does she really have no life outside of dating? Shes pretty and shes talented but she just needs to pick a new topic because this is getting old. sing about how hard it is to make it big, or following dreams or something.

  • Angel Alica Dawn Gillihan

    I don’t dislike because of the way she looks or because of who she dates. I dislike her because she claims Hendersonville TN as her hometown, and it is not. She’s from PA. I don’t like her because she took over the best park in Hendersonville and made it shit. I don’t like her because it seems all she can write about it boys, and honestly, someone who can only think of those things to write songs about should not be artists. And you know, she was never meant to be a singer. Her record label only wanted to buy her songs, but she wouldn’t sell them to them unless SHE could be the singer. So that shows that they didn’t like her singing. 😛

    • Megan Ann Bridges

      I think that you need to do some fact checking…

  • Angel Alica Dawn Gillihan

    And also because she claims she’s country and she’s SO not.

    • Allyson Kate Mcardle

      She used to be…

  • Allyson Kate Mcardle

    I’ve loved her since Love Story, just before it came out on Channel V, my dad showed me her video on the Country Music Channel (When he was obsessed with country music) and I instantly downloaded her latest album.
    What I get from her lyrics are her experiences and her thoughts and opinions. I don’t think she’s trying to mould young girls’ minds into thinking they need a man to make them feel complete or anything. These are her experiences and so what if her songs inspirations come from break-ups and falling in love, isn’t that where a lot of women get inspiration to change from?
    And have you heard her song Never Grow Up? That’s not about boys, I absolutely love that song!

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