Apocalypstick's ApocaLIST

Stop doing this and start doing this.

Everyone sit down. Now. Even you. Especially you. We need to talk. All of us are doing things we don’t need to do. We worry when it’s unnecessary. We give ourselves stress and anguish. And this whole time, no one is eating pie. This has to stop.


  • Stop staying awake past three AM on a “school night.”
  • Stop sleeping in past noon but if you do, stop making yourself feel bad about it.
  • Stop making yourself feel bad.
  • Stop feeling bad.
  • Stop feeling badly.
  • Stop. Bad. Stop. Stop the bad.
  • Stop worrying about why that boy or girl didn’t text you back. They didn’t text you back because they are an idiot. Or maybe they actually did go to New York for the weekend and didn’t have time. But probably they’re just stupid. You’re not. So stop.
  • Stop making excuses.
  • Stop questioning yourself.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Stop holding yourself back.
  • Stop stressing to the point where it causes you physical pain like backaches, headaches, heartbreaks.
  • Stop flaking out.
  • Stop worrying about your weight.
  • Stop telling yourself that you can’t wear something because you’re not thin enough or anything enough.
  • Stop telling yourself that you’re not enough.


  • Start eating the tasty things.
  • Start making plans.
  • Start that project.
  • Start writing.
  • Start your new goals.
  • Start dressing however the hell you want.
  • Start listening.
  • Start calling your grandma.
  • Start getting enough sleep.
  • Start going to bed early.
  • Start trying to new things.
  • Start taking risks.
  • Start reading that book.
  • Start dancing in your living room because there is no reason not to.
  • Start sending letters to your friends.
  • Start eating the tasty things.

Image by Natalie Dee.

Dedicated to Nora Ephron.