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When it comes to the world of Full House, many people relate most to D.J. Tanner. She was the consummate older sister: cool enough to be detached from Stephanie and Michelle’s childish squabbling, but caring enough to include her younger sisters whenever possible. Others love little Michelle. Hey, she has the whole Olsen twin thing going on and I suppose she was cute in a half-human half-monkey kind of way. But to me, Stephanie Tanner was where it all began and ended. She was funny, just a little bratty, an amazing dancer and above all, she had some seriously awesome style. If, like me, you’ve always wanted to be Stephanie or at least look like her, today’s your lucky day.

Graphic Tops

Stephanie loved sweatshirts like the one pictured above. Note the bright colors and the fun sneaker design. If you want to steal her style, what about this awesome sweater?

Available for purchase here.

Colorblock Sweatshirts

The way I see it, we have Steph to thank for the recent trend of color-block ensembles. Plus, she was rocking neon when it was cool the first time around. If you want to rainbow it up with the best of them, try this:

 You can buy it here.

Oversized Striped Knits

Stephanie obviously knew how to make herself adorable by throwing on a chunky, oversize striped sweater. You can too! Bonus points if you perm your hair.

Get your stripe on here.

Gigantic Scrunchies

No Stephanie Tanner ensemble was complete without a humongous scrunchie to tie the whole look together. Personally, I never stopped wearing scrunchies, but in case you don’t have a massive childhood collection to choose from, you can still buy them today!

Available for purchase here.

Applique Shirts

The way Stephanie knew that a particular top was particularly trendy was whether or not there was a 3-D element to the whole thing. Mirrors, patches, creepy-yarn-hair. You can try the fun-to-wear-even-more-fun-to-touch look, too.

Applique it up over here.

Southwestern Influence

Look at little Stephanie in her so-totally-right-now-or-at-least-last-season Aztec-printed sweater! Now are you convinced that she was a style-maker in her own right? You can wear one too:

Available for purchase here.


Plaid Vests

Check out how Steph manages to look both grunge and goody-goody as she expresses concern over her new friends’ smoking habit. You can capture that moment with a plaid vest of your own (crystal meth-addiction not included):

Grunge is back here.

Colorful Headwear

When scrunchies simply weren’t an option, Stephanie knew the importance of a brightly-colored hair bow or hat. Try a modern update of her Girl Scout look:

Decorate your head here.

Congratulations! You now know how to dress exactly like the coolest middle sister ever to grace our television screens. Whose TV-style did you covet most when you were growing up?

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  • Melissa Lenz

    I hate to admit my tv style icons when I was a tween is a tie between Blossom from the show Blossom and Kelly Taylor from 90210

  • Shelly Stromoski

    My older sister once told me I looked like Stephanie Tanner. I took great offense. In retrospect, I was awesome?

  • Charlene Lydon

    She looks like Christophe Waltz!

  • Amy Addington

    Is it sad or amazing that I know what episode every one of these looks are from? I’ll go with amazing. :)

  • Rachel Hastings

    This is amazing.

  • Nicole Carolina Ruminot Casanueva

    I have to agree with Marcela, when I was a kid I loved Clarissa’s style !!! I tried to recreate her hairdos and wear similar outfits to the ones she wore on the show! of course, looking back now, her style sometimes was a little too outrageous. Still, I loved her and still do.

  • Marcela Xavier

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