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Staying Focused

I tend to put mandatory tasks off until I’m out of time and running around, stressed and mean in a Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada kind of way. “I don’t have time for this!” I might yell to my assistant*, “Did you get Mickey** on the phone yet? And where is my nonfat double-caff extra-whip Chai Latte?!”

*I don’t have an assistant, but pretending I do is one of the many activities I participate in when I’m putting a task off.

**By saying “Mickey” I was referring to “Mickey Ds” but you might know it by the more popular but less cool name, “McDonald’s”. I like to get a McFlurry and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese delivered and then consume it while watching Netflix while putting things off.

I tend to find every small noise distracting and way more interesting than finally Swiffer Wet Jetting my room or dusting off my old HP Printer. Staying focused is not my best quality, but as my Mom would say, “Nothing motivates like a deadline!”

Somehow I discovered that by playing the following songs, I have an easier time being productive. It’s similar to how some babies stop crying when you turn the vacuum on. It’s weird but it works. So, I hope playing these songs in the background will help you stay focused if you are anything like me and if you’re not, then I hope you like these songs anyway. Most of all I hope they don’t make you fall asleep because that’s been known to happen. Happy listening!

Staying Focused

Piledriver Waltz- Alex Turner

Calamity Song- The Decemberists

Gray Or Blue- JayMay

Follaton Wood- Ben Howard

Blood Bank- Bon Iver

District Sleeps Alone Tonight- Frank Turner

Romeo and Juliet- The Killers

New Slang- The Shins

White Winter Hymnal- Fleet Foxes

The Gardener- The Tallest Man On Earth

Have You Forgotten- Jenny Own Youngs

The Scientist- Willie Nelson

What songs keep you focused? Share in the comments below!

Also, a bunch of you were asking me to post my “Songs That Remind Me of Ben and Leslie From Parks & Rec” playlist (proving my theory that Parks and Rec fans are the best in the world) and I promise I will next week! The Leslie Knope side of me just needs to make it as wonderful as possible first.

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