Uh-oh. This is the state with the most polluted cities

Daniel Stein via Getty Images

La La Land had us all singing “City of Stars” about Los Angeles, but it might be more accurate if the song was entitled, “City of Smog.” We say that because the American Lung Association measured the cities with the most air pollution as part of its State of the Air report for 2017. The American Lung Association calculates pollution in cities three different ways and no matter how it was measured, California had the most number of polluted cities in each of the three top 10 lists.

The three criteria for judging the most polluted cities are: By ozone, by year-round particle pollution, and by short-term particle pollution.

California had more than five cities in each of the air pollution categories, which is not good news for the Golden State.

The Los Angeles-Long Beach area was the worst-rated city for ozone, fifth in year-round, and ninth in short-term pollution. However, that doesn’t stop it from being the second-most populated city in all of the United States.

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