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A star might explode soon enough for us to watch, and it sounds like it'll be out of this world


In the coming years, looking up at the stars might totally change. That’s because there’s an astronomical event coming, which will make a huge impact. Scientists predict that a star will explode into a red nova in 2022. They’ve been studying star system KIC 9832227, located 1,800 light-years away. If they’re right, and this star explodes, the red nova that it causes will be 10,000 times brighter than it is now, and thus visible with the naked eye. That’s right, suddenly the view of the stars will change, because the brightest thing in the sky will be this exploded star.

Scientists made these conclusions after studying KIC 9832227 for several years.


According to the Newsy, a red nova can form when one of the stars in a binary system starts to steal hydrogen from its partner. Once it gets enough, the hydrogen explodes outward, causing a nova. Daniel Van Noord, a research assistant on the project, described the binary star KIC 9832227 as, “like two peanuts sharing a single shell.”

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As Van Noord studied the system, he found that the stars’ orbital period had changed. That’s unusual, and it showed him that there was something more going on with these stars than just the usual gravity. A phenomenon just like that happened before the star V1209 Scorpii suddenly exploded in 2008. Thus, the researchers think this might be a predictor that KIC 9832227 is getting ready to explode.

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