Stacey Helps

Stacey Helps: Talking with Boys

TALKING WITH BOYS IS BACK. This week, we are very lucky to have Scott Yamamura joining us. We talk about love, life and drug slang. It will be quite the party.

  • Sly Hg Tly TyghTy

    I feel like way so smarter now… All the crackheads want to hang out with you hu? Looking for a freeball… damn, Crack is wack, unless it’s in your pants, is called a butt and is what you sit on… Free ball and then Tibet! Are we still doing that or is the dalai lama still homeless? I wonder what he wears under his clothes? What if he doesnt wear anything… You cant tie a rambling man down with material possessions like skimmys! Some people they just got’s to be free!
    Allright, maybe that was too much or a little too far

  • Sly Hg Tly TyghTy

    I didnt word that right… I like your you tube channel! Your a cool cat!

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