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Stacey Helps: Talking With Boys


Stacey Helps is a weekly series that strives to better the world whether people like it or not. Imagine Dear Abby… but hungover.

This week I am back with a NEW EPISODE of my favorite new series “TALKING WITH BOYS”. This week, I am interviewing the very talented Andy Hull. He is a writer, actor and comedian who is currently one of the stars and head writer for the new web-series “Space Janitors” (currently being featured on Felicia Day’s YOUTUBE channel, geekandsundry). This week, we are tackling all of the big questions that have plagued men and women for centuries. It was a pleasure and I learned a bunch. So have a watch and let me know what you think!!


Twitter: @TheStaceyMcG



Twitter: @AndyHullBone


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