Stacey Helps

Stacey Helps: Moving Day

Oh, Moving Day…you fickle beast. We dread you and resent you – that is, until STACEY HELPS ATTACKS YOU!! So forget about all of the stress and worry that Moving Day can bring because this week, Stacey has got your back. Get your boxes and moving vans ready because Stacey Helps tackles all of the dos and dont’s of MOVING DAY…and if all else fails, she can recommend a great moving company.





p.s. if you have a topic you would love to see covered tweet at Stacey, she is always here to help!

  • Pamela Gomez

    It says “This video is private” why?

  • Caroline Jeffery

    “*scissors* they still work!” HAHA

  • Amanda Lopin

    i’ve been gearing up to move for the past month, and this made me so happy- i needed a good laugh about sucky moving… thanks 😉

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