Stacey Helps

Stacey Helps: How to Survive a Crisis

NEWSFLASH GANG!!! Hurricane Sandy has left Rydell High and is heading straight to NYC. People are freaking out, buying any bottle of water they can get their hands on just hoping Danny Zucko can calm this lady down. (Zing! Two Grease references… eat it, anyone who said this movie wouldn’t make me a better person!) So in an effort to help this weeks Stacey Helps is all about helping those through a crisis. Even though I am Canadian and am not in direct contact with Sandy, I have been known to survive my own crisis from time to time. I have compiled some of my best survival tips that will make any Pink Lady jump for joy.  So grab your flashlights and emergency red wine, because this Stacey Helps is going to be your own personal storm shelter… that’s a thing, right?

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