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Stacey Helps: DIY Inspiration for the Holidays

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Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit more than stressing out about what to buy for the people you love… and are obligated to shop for. Gift giving can be a very hard time, so Stacey Helps has decided to save the day!! The biggest craze right now seems to be DIY aka Do It Yourself Projects, so what better way to gift give then to make it yourself and save some dough? I have gathered some of my favourite DIY projects in hopes of spreading some DIY inspiration for the holidays. Check out the hottest DIY presents for 2012 – your wallet will thank you.

  • Lauren Scharf

    how cool! my mouth is a cookie and also other things tin too! love it. i’m broke and unemployed so all of my giftgiving this year is a DIYPALOOZA!

  • Caroline Jeffery

    wine charms are my DIY project this december. take a look through your old jewelry or gifted jewelry that you never wore that still has the tag on it (don’t feel bad about this, you’re getting your money’s worth, really), old bedazzled sweaters that your mom should never be allowed to wear again (steal them if you have to), and any other tiny knick knacks from your childhood (i’ve got a box full of legos)- slip them onto a cheap earring ring from your local craft store and VOILA!! wine charm! it’s gonna cost me about $10 at the end of the day and i could make like 50 wine charms if i wanted, and give them to everybody i know, and come off as really thoughtful. BOO YA.

    • Stacey McGunnigle

      Thats an awesome Idea!! I love Wine Charms!!

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