Stacey Helps Stacey Helps: Are You a Hipster? Stacey McGunnigle

HELLO, HELLOGIGGLES! I am back from NYC and ready to hit the ground running. This week is all about embracing our inner Hipster. I know the “H” word can carry a lot of unnecessary stigma, so I wanted to clear the air and remind everyone that we all have a little Hipster inside all of us and if you disagree, I have a surefire way of determining if you yourself are a big ol’ H-WORD. Take the quiz and let me know how it goes.


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  1. My friends continuously tell me I’m a hipster. I honestly don’t think I am, but every time I see them I get the hipster accusation.

    My response? “I’m not a hipster, I’m just cool.”

    And because of that they all me an ultra hipster.


  2. Yes, the glasses are part of it, but there is so much that makes people “hipsters” that has nothing to do with what you wear or enjoy. For instance, it had a lot to do with what you think and say to others. For instance….

    “I don’t listen to Lady Gaga/Beyonce/(insert almost any female pop star) because of her insistence to be hyper-sexualized. It should only be about the music.”

    “I was totally into cruiser bikes until every school kid and parent had one, now they are totally lame. I’m much more into unicycles now….”

    “That granola isn’t fair trade? Um… No thanks.”

    Keep in mind, I am not making fun. I’m a musician and I live by the first quote I typed. In fact, by at least my boyfriend, I am accused of being a “dirty hipster” every day because I consider myself a feminist, I am vegetarian/vegan when possible, and I shop as little as possible at corporate establishments. Personally, I hate that being mindful and different is now synonymous with being labeled a hipster, but to each their own, right?

    P.S.S. I thought your video was totally cute :)

  3. where is your lipstick from? I love the colour…

  4. hahahahahaha this is SO great I love it!!!

    ……… a HIPSTER.. (I totally have almost all of those glasses..)

    …. AAA H.I.P.S.T.E.R…… xDD

  5. That IS a great soundtrack :)