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SpiritHoods Tech Review; Plus, a Black Friday Giveaway!

I LOVE THESE!  Once a HelloGiggles Item of the Day, SpiritHoods has come out with their new line of “HB3 Tech” ‘Hoods that let you plug into your favorite mobile games, music or even movies, right from your mobile device!  How sweet is that?!  The built-in washable (yes, washable!) speakers are sewn into the SpiritHood. Now we can stay cozy all winter, look awesome and hear all our favorite sounds at the same time.  I love playing mobile games with this ‘Hood.  Really great while walking around town and chillin’ at home.  There’s a whole new sense of entertainment in playing mobile games when the music and sounds effects are like a mini surround system built just for you.

Plug your phone or mp3 player into the pocket cord — it works with most mp3 players and mobile phones — but the speakers are not removable and shouldn’t be put in the dryer.

So… which one do YOU want?!  I can give away ONE and there are three to choose from:


Spirit Animal Traits:  Trickster > Humor > Cunning

Those with the Coyote spirit are brilliant and master tricksters, sometimes even tricking themselves. They are playful and curious, and always seem to find a way out of the traps they put themselves in.



Spirit Animal Traits:  Powerful > Fierce > Confident

Those with a wolf spirit are fiercely loyal creatures. They are team players and work well in groups. The wolf is a social animal and a great communicator, often teaching those around it.



Spirit Animal Traits:  Wisdom > Truth > Clairvoyance 

The Owl is often regarded as a messenger between worlds. The Owl Spirit is at home in the night and embraces darkness to their advantage. Owls easily see through the facade to the core of things where truth lives and breathes. People with the Owl Spirit are swift and precise with their thoughts and movements. Owls are highly aware beings awake to protect that which is sacred when most of the world sleeps.

SpiritHoods has also lowered the prices on several ‘Hoods and Merch for the Holidays!  And all shipping is FREE on domestic orders over $85.

**  HelloGiggles readers also get an additional 15% discount at checkout when entering the reusable promo code:  8bity  **

  • $119 full ‘Hoods lowered from $129
  • $129 full ‘Hoods lowered from $139
  • $139 full ‘Hoods lowered from $149
  • All Team (college) ‘Hoods lowered to $89
  • $10 Women’s Headbands lowered to $10
  • Baby, Kids, Accessories, Half Hoods & Shawls have stayed the same price

Just leave a comment on this post to win the HB3 Tech SpiritHood of your choice AND tweet @SpiritHoods and myself @michelemorrow to let us know which Spirit Animal you most identify with out of the three HB3 ‘Hoods!  I’ll announce the winner on my column, Level Up, next week… ON BLACK FRIDAY.

You can also hit up SpiritHoods on their Facebook Tribe, chill with them in their Tumblr Spirit Den or post a picture of you in your ‘Hood in the Instagram App @SpiritHoods – make sure to hashtag both #HelloGiggles and #SpiritHoods


All images via: SpiritHoods