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Spilling Secrets

I spill drinks so frequently, that my family has given me the nickname “The Spiller.” Now, I don’t mind having this notoriety with my family, but I’d rather keep this clumsy side of me hidden in front of most everyone else. But, this isn’t always easy. I mean I can’t always control the fate of drinks in my unreliable hands. Here are some tips to keep “The Spiller” in you, tucked away, just how you’d like your drinks to be.

Get it Out of Your System:

Before going out, I recommend fully indulging in your spilling nature. Fill cups with water and really let yourself go wild with spilling. Hopefully, this will get all your spills out and prevent you from spilling in front of others. I also suggest creating a spilling playlist to set the tone for your solo spilling fest. Songs to consider include, ‘Waterfalls’ by TLC or ‘Splish Splash’ by Bobby Darin. However, if you do create a spill playlist, make sure the songs aren’t popular enough that they’ll be played wherever you are going. Hearing those songs just might inspire you to spill.

Hide It:

If you failed to get all the spills out of your system, don’t worry, there are multiple fun and harmless ways to go about hiding your spill. You can always blame someone else for it by simply handing someone your cup and running away. Or you can go a step further by handing someone your cup and saying, “Hey, name of person you choose to blame, you spill so much. Let’s call you The Spiller.” This not only allows you to incriminate someone else but it also enables you to pass on your unwanted nickname.

You can also hide your spill by physically covering it. One way you can do this is, spill then immediately jump onto or into the drink. People will just think you’re jumpy and fun, the life of the party. You can also cover up the spill with an object within reaching distance. Objects may include, a plate, a napkin, a tray, someone else’s shirt, someone else’s purse or someone else entirely.

Make it Your Thing:

If you really cannot control your spilling ways and have trouble hiding it, rather than feel ashamed, you should flaunt your imperfection and spill as frequently as you can. Pretend pouring out your drink is something you do when you feel an emotion strongly. You’re angry, throw that drink down. You’re happy, pour that drink out in a celebratory manner and start celebrating in that spill. If you choose to make spilling your thing, I suggest you start wearing waterproof outfits and possibly providing waterproof outfits for your best friends. This way all will be protected in your spilling adventures.

With these tips you are now prepared to either hide “The Spiller” within you, or let it all out like the drinks in your cup.

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