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Songs to Work Out to

In an alternate universe (think Fox’s Fringe), I work out all the time. Alternate Corinne, or Faux-Corinne, does yoga, pilates, cardio and eats more than her share of fruits and vegetables. Nothing but low-fat, low-sugar, high protein for her! She also calls her mother every day and banks half her paycheck each week. Yeah, she’s a true role model. However, in this universe, real Corinne travels to school, goes to work, writes, watches and re-watches Thursday Night NBC and considers chips and salsa a good breakfast food.

I do have nights when I promise myself that “my diet and fitness routine will start tomorrow so it’s okay if I eat these cupcakes tonight as a Last Supper kind of thing.” We know how that goes. Unsurprisingly, I’ve spent more time with those ten pounds I’ve wanted to lose since I was sixteen than I have with any upper body workout.

But there are glimmers of hope. During those rare moments when I am reluctantly sweating on an elliptical machine, I usually have my iPod on. I have a hard time picking songs that would be good to work out to because I need the tempo to keep me moving, and the song can’t be so long that I’ll bored. (We won’t even get into how much time I’ve spent creating perfect workout playlists, rather than actually working out.)

But all that practice has yielded something good. I have spent the last few days putting this list together (rather than working out), and I think I finally have twelve songs that might get me to complete a workout. We’ll see.

Songs to Work Out to

Young Blood- The Naked and Famous

Mr. Brightside- The Killers

Sunrise- Childish Gambino

Pop-Punk Is Sooooo ’05- Cobra Starship

Check It Out- Nicki Minaj,

Call Your Girlfriend- Robyn

Circle The Drain- Katy Perry

Same Blood- The Academy Is…

Blind- Ke$ha

Do It Like A Dude- Jessie J

Keep the Car Running- Arcade Fire

New Perspective- Panic! At The Disco

What songs get you off the couch? Let me know what you think in the comments below and feel free to send me suggestions for next week’s playlist!

  • Michele Nastri

    Can I buy or download this list?

    • Corinne Caputo

      hi! if you click the title of the playlist right above where the track list starts, it will open the playlist in Spotify and you can listen to it there. To buy it, you’d have to search iTunes for the songs individually :(

  • Rachel Beth

    Kanye West- Monster….gets me pumped up all the time! Plus its long, so it keeps me motivated to keep running until the song is finished :)

  • Heather Harshbarger

    Ahhhh, this is great! Thank you! I like working out to “Sexy And I Know It” from LMFAO, “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” from Skrillex, “Breaking It Up” from Lykke Li, “Midnight City” from M83″, “Rock Your Body” from Justin Timberlake, and anything from Girl Talk.

  • Alycia Steven

    Oooh, A- punk by Vampire Weekend is great! Heck, anything by VW is sure to get you working up a sweat. Two Door Cinema Club is also great. Up tempo, fast songs by them. I sometimes run to Foster the People.

    • Elizabeth Freeman

      A Punk is the ultimate running song! LOVE!

  • Anonymous

    good tunes dude~

  • Elizabeth Freeman

    I am obsessed with Robyn and Snoop’s U Should Know Better. I blast it out on the spin bike! And then Niki Minaj Blazin’ always gets me going!

  • Samantha Kirschberg

    Yes! Sunrise is my fav. off of the new Childish Gambino record.

    Awesome job on these playlists..looking forward to the next one!

  • Shannon Meader

    LOVE that you have Cobra, TAI, and Panic! in that mix! :)

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