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Songs to Commute to

Living in New York, I use my MetroCard more than my iPhone.

Actually, that’s a lie – I’m always on my phone but I’m also constantly traveling. Whether by train, ferry, bus… you name it and I do it. Twice daily. (No helicopters…yet). I’m underground on the 6 train more than I’m above ground at work or school. As annoying as accidentally holding hands with a stranger is, I like commuting. It’s one of the few times I’m by myself. 45 to 120 minutes – twice daily – of forced distraction-free productivity. Time to read, write, and have exciting or boring conversations with myself. It’s great, therapeutic and the commuters near me don’t seem to mind.

Typically, I read or do work for class or write. Right now, however, I’m between books and still on winter break and so have been listening to music when I travel. I realized that my only criteria for a good song to commute to is that it must make me feel like I’m in a music video and/or TV show or a Hollywood feature. There are few things I love more than staring out the window of a car/bus/train and pretending I’m the lead in a hit movie and this is the opening scene as the title credits pop up in the corner (fade up to a wide shot of a train rolling over a landscape as we slowly zoom in to see a young woman looking out the window of the third car). Assuming I’m the lead is a bit narcissistic, especially when my ability to act is nonexistent, but it’s so much fun. And I can totally pull off staring blankly out of a window.

Enough about me…here are some songs that are fun to commute to!

Songs to Commute to

Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap
Your Biggest Mistake- Ellie Goulding
Girlfriend- Phoenix
Melody- Kate Earl
Grand Optimist- City and Colour
Midnight City- M83
Better Than Revenge- Taylor Swift
She’s Got You High- Mumm-Ra
Straight Lines- Dawn Ladies
How I Could Just Kill A Man- Charlotte Sometimes
Everything Is Alright- Motion City Soundtrack
Feel It All Around- Washed Out

What songs do you listen to when you travel? Share in the comments below and feel free to send me song or theme suggestions for next week’s playlist!

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