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Songs to Beat the Winter Blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder, as many may know, is when someone has episodes of depression that occur at a certain time of the year, usually during winter. I think my choice of music – rather than the time of year – is directly related to my mood during the cold months.

I love winter. I love wearing scarves and hats. I love hot chocolate. I love using a snow storm as an excuse to stay home from school/work. But unfortunately, I have a bad habit of listening to sad music as soon as the weather starts to get cold. The same day I pull out my oversized sweaters, I am also pulling out hundreds of slow, depressing songs about heartbreak and sadness.

There have been days when I think it’s two in the afternoon and then suddenly I realize its after six, the sun has set, the only light is the glow of my computer screen and I spent my day crying along to Brandi Carlile’s ‘The Heartache Can Wait’.

Now, while these songs are great, they’re hopelessly depressing. Even if I’m not nursing a broken heart, I’m upset anyway. I dare you to listen to Ben Howard’s ‘London’ and not get even a little bit sad. Plus, if you’re like me and equate these songs with absolutely no one, you end up even more depressed. So, in an effort to stop myself from repeating this behavior in 2012, here are some more upbeat songs I’ve been listening to to stop the winter blues.

Songs to Beat the Winter Blues

1. Call Your Girlfriend- Robyn
2. Oh No!- Marina and the Diamonds
3. All This and Heaven Too- Florence + The Machine
4. The Healthy One- Laura Stevenson and the Cans
5. Keep Your Head Up- Ben Howard
6. Friendly People- Friendly People
7. Just Before We Met- Noah and the Whale
8. All The Pretty Girls- fun.
9. Magdalena- Brandon Flowers
10. Eyes Wide Open- Gotye
11. Sprawl II(Mountains Beyond Mountains)- Arcade Fire
12. Life’s A Happy Song- The Muppets

What songs do you listen to in the winter? Share in the comments below and feel free to send me theme suggestions for next week’s playlist!