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Songs that Remind Me of Leslie and Ben

Leslie Knope (from the Parks Department) and Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation are the perfect couple. I won’t go off listing every reason why they are great, but I will say that my favorite part about them is that they are both nerds in the best way, and that they are both ambitious.

Leslie is the kind of woman I want to be – intelligent, ambitious, confident and loyal. (I just described aspects of all four Hogwarts houses) Leslie would be a Gryffindor, though. Hands down.

When her relationship with Ben Wyatt started, I was very happy but also nervous because of how detrimental their relationship could be for their careers. Long story short, Ben left the Parks Department “in disgrace”, as he likes to put it, and Leslie was able to keep her job after a brief suspension. The following playlist has 12 songs that I think would apply to Ben and Leslie.

Also, full disclosure: in addition to picking songs I knew, I Googled “Ben and Leslie fan mix” and found some really awesome playlists made by other fans and I did use some of those songs, too! So be sure to Google that and check them out!

Anyway, here it is and enjoy!


Songs That Remind Me of Ben and Leslie

Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not- Thompson Square

(This one reminds me of when Ben and Leslie were sitting on Chris’s couch and Chris kept interrupting them)

Paris- Kate Nah

Campus- Vampire Weekend

(Every time he sings “campus” change it to “Parks Department” and it’s the perfect fit.)

Can’t Stand It- Never Shout Never

(Everything Ben does is so cute. I can’t stand it.)

Nice Guys- We Are Scientists

Everything- Ben Howard

(This song, as well as the next three, are appropriate for when Ben and Leslie had to break up for a while.)

One Sweet Love- Sara Bareilles

Not Dead Yet- The Weepies

A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton

(I can picture Leslie singing this to herself in the mirror every single day during their break up.)

Maps- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

(The following songs are for Leslie and Ben’s realtionship now. They are back together and still so cute. I still can’t stand it.)

I’d Rather Be With You- Joshua Radin

Ours- Taylor Swift

(Remember the word cloud Tom made from Leslie’s email? “Taylor Swift” was in that cloud so Leslie definitely has this on her iPod.)

The Luckiest- Ben Folds

(When Ben Folds sings “I don’t get many things right the first time” all I can think of is Ben’s Ice Town and “Ice Town Costs Ice Clown Town Crown”)

Also, based on the above post, I have a hard time keeping fiction and reality separate. Oh well. I hope you like this!

What songs remind you of your favorite characters? Share in the comments below!