Some Thoughts On Walking

I’m definitely one of those “positive thinking” sort of gals. I’m all about having a good attitude, you know, “keeping your chin up” and that sort of thing. I am constantly telling my friends to look on the bright side, think of it this way and walk tall. I believe that what you project is what you get, from your attitude to your posture. And I think all these things are important to survive in this world.

So, when I noticed that I, yes, Queen of Manifesting, Duchess of “You Get What You Give”, was starting to get into the habit of walking with her head down like some meek girl without her way in the world, I was like, “AW, HELL NAH.”

I won’t stand for that! Not with my friends and not with myself! Strong, confident people, do not walk with their eyes on the pavement. We walk like Beyonce!

I realized this about myself when I was walking to the bathroom at a cute restaurant in a trendy area of town. I walked all the way to the bathroom without looking up once. I sat on the toilet and thought about it, kind of embarrassed for myself.

Where was that woman I’d bred myself to be? That aplomb, can’t-tell-me-nothing lady that could command a room because she was pretty positive one day she was going to be the CEO of her life? Sure, we were just out to lunch, but practice creates habits and habits create lifestyles and I’m sorry, but I want a CEO lifestyle.

I thought to myself, “Marissa, you need some practice. You’re going to walk back to that table like you mean it! Walk like you’re the baddest broad on the block, CAUSE YOU ARE!”

So, I did.

In the process of assertively sauntering to my lunch, I completely missed a stair on the patio and fell right into the lap of some handsome actor type with all the other pretty model types looking at me like I was drunk, which I wasn’t! Absolutely embarrassed, I apologized and hurried off to my table, my forehead completely perpendicular to the patio’s wooden planks, which is about the least self-assured look you can give yourself.

I learned a valuable lesson. As with all things in life, whether it is successfully navigating an important business meetingor just an outdoor seating area, it’s important to remember to yes, keep your chin up, but never forget to watch your step.

Marissa A. Ross is a writer, actor, music connoisseur, blogger and an all out enthusiast for leisurely activities. She enjoys wine, gawking at midcentury architecture, and sunbathing. You can catch her all over the internet, but mostly with her main squeeze, Tangents & The Times, and on Twitter.

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