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Things have been busy at work lately, but I found a lovely little escape in this video. It has two outstanding elements: The Remainers, an LA band of wonderful and talented guys that I adore, AND just about every toy from back in the day. It is a glorious avalanche of  feel good nostalgia featuring many of my childhood favorites… Glow Worms! MY LITTLE PONIES! Koosh Balls (why were those such a thing?)! I even had those yellow Chuckies. Not to mention the song rocks.

Watch and enjoy… I’m sure one of your favorites will have a cameo.

Happy Monday!

Video and photo via The Remainers @theremainers , created by the amazing Jason @jasonjoel and Katie @KTDelahanty


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  1. Snorks, California Raisins, and Lite-Brite?! Love.

  2. Skydancer! Made my day :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I’ve been obsessed with this song for MONTHS! And, there are SNORKS!!!!

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