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#NoMakeUpSelfie: Social Media at its Best

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The phenomenon was further used for another brilliant cause, when a victim of abuse in a nightclub posted her #nomakeupselfie photo with a broken nose and black eye. She had been punched repeatedly by a man after telling him that it was not okay to grope her, and decided to channel her rage into something productive. She has now raised almost £16,000 in 8 days for the Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre on her JustGiving page.

Despite criticisms of narcissism, and of people missing the point, you can’t argue that the #nomakeupselfie hasn’t been incredibly effective. It is an example of the enormous power of social media, and I think the world would be a much better place if social media was used more for causes like this, than for criticising celebrities, or things like the recent trend of ‘neknominations’ (neck a dirty pint and nominate others to do the same). This campaign has raised over £8 million for Cancer Research UK alone – that is the equivalent of more than 10 clinical trials, more than 50 years of research into Cancer treatments – and that isn’t even taking into account some of the other positives that have come about. It really is an example of social media at its best.

Jenny is from England (Nottingham, not London, England is bigger than just London). She doesn’t actually have Twitter or a blog because she doesn’t often have anything interesting to say. In fact sometimes she realises her stories are so boring half way through that she tails off mid-sentence. Unless she’s had a glass of wine or two, then she thinks all of her stories are so good she’ll tell them to the same person two or three times.

Featured image via Gwyneth Paltrow’s Instagram

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  • Dani Rae Garcia

    People with cancer find this campaign offensive. That in and of itself should mean it should stop.

  • Samantha Barker

    A very good cause to donate. This all started because a girl who lived in Liverpool was denied a smear test as she was under the age of 25, because she was denied this smear test, she unfortunately got cervical cancer and died shortly after it (from what I could tell from my Facebook, as the girl lived close to me). Like you state, at lot of people thought that was a pointless task, to get more ‘attention’ or ‘likes’, but it has definitely proved that all of the talk of the selfies, have gotten more and more people to donate! I’m glad that this cause went viral and that Cancer Research UK have raised a lot of money to try and find a cure for this horrible disease! :)

    • kt83

      I think anything that brings the end of cancer closer, is a very good thing. I don’t know why people with cancer would be offended? I can’t answer for her, but i’m sure that if my aunty was still alive today that she would sure have appreciated this campaign! I hope they raised a heap of money and finally find a cure so that others won’t have to suffer a loss.

  • Kelli Fowler Davis

    Just kinda hate any selfie.. Seems selfish and you can create anything you want with one.. Folks fishing for attention.. Photos taken to memorialize a day or chamge in life are more real.. Or someone just capturing “you”.

  • Jess Patmore

    I read an article written by a cancer patient, basically condemning the whole thing. I don’t think the concept of donating actually sunk in anywhere outside of Britain, and I don’t think throwing your health in cancer sufferers’ faces is a noble cause. There’s plenty of awareness out there, and these girls’ “bravery” hasn’t done a thing for it

  • Sydney Alexander

    I love this, not only is it helping to fight cancer, but it is also showing young girls that no, not everyone is born perfect with these giant perfect eyes, and perfect skin and lips, we are all human and we are all beautiful no matter what

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