So What If Hermione Ended Up With the Wrong Guy?

In the world of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger is the one that got away … for the books’ number one champion, that is.

Though I treasured J.K. Rowling’s incomparable series from middle school until my second year of college, I was ready to move on from the franchise a long time ago, so when the author keeps popping up in the news to discuss what we didn’t know or what she should have done with the story, it feels a little unnecessary, and honestly, I worry the old favorite of mine has become an itch that won’t go away with all these delayed talks on its creation.

Yet everyone’s buzzing about Rowling’s recent interview revealing the Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger pairing was a mistake. Hermione, a plucky, highly intelligent female wizard, should have wound up with Harry Potter, the leading man. Rowling says this is how she intended for the story to play out:

“I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment. That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron.”

Many of us rooted for Harry and Hermione to get together from the start, and Rowling worries her confession has upset a lot of fans who are probably thinking, “I told you so”:

“I know, I’m sorry. I can hear the rage and fury it might cause some fans, but if I’m absolutely honest, distance has given me perspective on that. It was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility. Am I breaking people’s hearts by saying this? I hope not.”

To be honest, we all would have been perfectly OK to not know, and as much as I cherish the books, this isn’t the best way to keep their spirit alive. It almost seems like a way to maintain relevance all these years after the novels and movies are done being made and new franchises are coming out.

From my standpoint, it would have seemed too obvious for Harry and Hermione to date. There’s also something special about the complex relationship between Hermione and Ron, two completely different people. Hermione is ambitious, prompt, sharp and always on the money whereas Ron is painted as the dopey accident-prone ginger with no money and a ton of siblings. He has the big loving family, but you never really hear about her home life. She’s more book smart, he’s more street smart. Harry, on the other hand, falls somewhere in the middle, having lost his parents as a baby and also struggled when he first got to Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione balance each other out as many polar opposites do.

Taking romance out of the equation, Harry Potter isn’t a story driven by who belongs with whom. It’s a book about many things, and the love aspect is a very small part of the plot. While Rowling is the writer and should be able to talk about her work however she’d like, Harry Potter means something different to every single person who reads or watches it. There’s no use trying to alter these memories so many years after the fact or for new people who haven’t had the chance to experience the series yet. Let’s honor it for what it was, not for what it could have been.

What are your thoughts on Rowling’s revelation? Share in the comments section.

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  • Anna Apodaca

    Nope, nope, nope hermione is the family harry never had, they are not supposed to be together!

  • Cassandra Kzizzle

    I think it made sense that Hermione and Ron ended up together. It freed up Harry to fixate on a member of the Weasley family – namely Ginny – which in the end resulted in both Hermione and Harry becoming members of that family by marriage and children. The Weasley family was the end all be all of what a wizarding family should be – humble, warm, simple. Hermione/Harry experienced a lot of isolation in the wizarding world being from non-wizarding homes so to me it was the perfect “where we belong” kind of wrap up. I also completely enjoyed the platonic relationship between Harry and Hermione. It meant for once the hero WASN’T fixated on a relationship or romance but could have a female be a major presence in the journey.

    • Louise Kay Sheard

      I love this comment! I didn’t know I agree’d until I read it.. But I agree!
      In fact I hadn’t even realised they were both part of the Weasley family now! So thanks :)

    • Melissa Rae Brown-Doyon

      yes to everything you just said!

    • Kat Automatica

      So well said. Agreed on every level.

  • Audrey Mattevi

    I absolutely agree! Especially since her reason for pairing Hermy & Ron was “a form of wish fulfillment.” Umm… SHE’S THE AUTHOR. The whole story is her wish fulfillment! (Lol.) I LOVE the relationship between Ron and Hermione and I love the relationship between Harry and Hermione. Truth be told, Harry could’ve ended up alone and it still would’ve be great! (I always rooted for Ginny and Neville.) Either way- I love the series and I love being able to go back and immerse myself into the Wizard World, but enough with the “new information”/media greed (i.e. Dumbledore’s sexual orientation, Ron & Hermione). Just my opinion.

  • Louise Kay Sheard

    Well said! Harry and hermione was predictable and boring. So I was secretly hoping he’d fall for Luna.. But certainly not hermione.
    And I too wish JK would just let it be!

  • Megan Duskey

    I personally think she just said this to create relevance like you mention… I mean why say this now, almost 7 years after the book came out? I used to think JK was above publicity stunts but now I cannot help but wonder. I will always love the series, but she needs to stop coming out and changing everything.

  • Adria Cavanaugh

    This article basically explains exactly how I feel about this. Thank you!

  • Chantel Horn

    I personally love Ron and Hermione together…the way they balance each other is perfect and their bickering is endearing. In my opinion, the ONLY way Harry and Hermione would haved worked is if Ron had sacrificed himself to save the other two and they ended up together to take care of each other and to keep their “family unit” together. What would have happend to poor Ron if they had ended up together? In a world where he gets nothing but hand me downs from his siblings and lost in the shuffle and overshadowed all the time he DESERVES to get the girl right? Leave it alone J.K.R….you’ve done good…stop. leave all the “what-ifs” and “shoulda-beens” to the fan fic writers :)

  • Mary V Korakianitis

    i am a huuge fan of H.P and i must admit that maybe for an instant when i was younger(maybe around 14?-15?) reading the books i thought Harry should end up with Hermione.But little did i know.A young hopeless romantic in a world where the leading charater ends-up with a very easily predictable girlfriend-wife.But now as an adult i really appriciate the fact that they didn’t end up together.I really like Hermione and Ron together.SHe’s that know-it-all,strong,protective,carring woman and well,he’s is quite the very opposite of her but they fullfill each other.Plus,had harry gotten married with Hermione they might lose contact with ROn somewhere along the way.but now that they are in-laws they neer will :) So,J.K no you didn’t make any mistakes.Well,maybe you made one,Not writting another Harry Potter book!! 😉

    • Crystal Lynn Kamm

      Love! Excellent points. I agree with you fully. As you get older you really do appreciate seeing the “one that got away” stories too because you realize lots of them have to get away. That’s just life…

  • Ashley Maffioli

    I honestly had no reaction to the whole thing and think everyone blew it way out of proportion. Who cares? It doesn’t make me like J.K. Rowling any less. It certainly doesn’t make me love the series any less. I feel like she has a right to say whatever she wants about her own work whether the fans like it or not. I for one think she got it right with Hermione and Ron. If we are really going to nitpick I think Harry and Ginny was a bad pairing but like you said it’s not a series where that kind of thing really matters.

    • Kat Automatica

      I completely agree with you. Well said. :)

  • Cassie Richards

    I don’t see Rowling’s revelations as ‘media greed’, as somebody else put it. She’s had other books come out since the series ended which have kept her in the press, if that’s what she was striving for (though she really doesn’t seem like the sort of person who starves for attention, especially not from the media.) Her latest book she even wrote under a pseudonym so that she could receive unbiased feedback, and she was annoyed when her cover was blown. I see her comments more as musings on a body of work, and the few years since she finished writing the series have obviously given her some time for personal reflection. She’s allowed to change her mind, it doesn’t change the books or what they mean to readers.

  • Clare Louise Cullen

    thank you for this, totally agree. Also, several plot lines would not have made sense without the characters loving who they did – eg. Ron getting brought back to Harry and Hermione by the lighter that played Hermione whispering his name.

  • Claire Willis

    I don’t agree that Harry and Hermione should have ended up together. I think she and Ron balanced each other out. I think Harry and Ginny’s relationship was poorly done in the movies – not enough back story to justify them ending up together.

  • Julia Desdemona

    I agree with you, I think Ron and Hermione complete each other. Yes, they probably would have needed counseling, but you can have a loving relationship between two people who bicker occasionally. It’s harder to be friends with someone you bicker with (which is why Ron and Hermione stopped talking completely a few times when just friends). If Hermione and Harry would have ended up together I don’t think the trio would have lasted. Hermione’s and Ron’s relationship would fade away and Harry would meet Ron occasionally for tea, without her to company them. Sad.

  • Watch Ender’s Game Online Free

    Thanks designed for sharing such a nice opinion, post is nice, thats why i have read it fully

  • Jackie Bona

    It’s an interesting conundrum. At receiving this news, I was a little upset. Some of the comments echoed my thoughts that the series (moreso the movies than the books) impressed how Ron & Hermonine has this love/hate relationship throughout the series so it makes absolute sense that they end up together.
    Now that I’ve allowed it to sink in a bit, I can kinda see how Harry and Hermonine could fit together as well. If there was more evidence to back it up, I can imagine it better. But I’m sure there’s more than enough fanfiction out there taking care of that. It would make sense in that Harry was raised by Muggles and Hermonine is a Muggle that happens to have magical abilities. They’d have more in common than she has with Ron. Ron & Hermonine just complete and compliment each other better.
    The only question that’d be left on the table is how would Ron end up together with, if anybody? And if not for the impending romance with Ginny, I was half-thinking Harry and Luna would end up together because he related to her on the level that they were both perceived as or felt like outsiders. At least in the 5th book.

  • Veronika Specht

    To everyone thinking this was blown way out of proportion: You have to understand where we BIG Potterheads are coming from. We have in depth conversations about Harry Potter on a regular basis (after all this time? Always) and DO actually care when our favorite lady JKR regrets something about the books. It makes us take a step back and rethink our views, or decide this revelation doesn’t change our views. Harmony and Romoine shippers are going crazy with the debates (Don’t mess with someone’s OTP), So this may not be a big deal to some, but please don’t bash those who are just still bigger fans than you for caring. I also don’t think that this is JKR trying to get publicity. For the Potterhead community, Harry Potter is still an ongoing, alive thing that is continuing to grow and develop (hello: theme parks, Pottermore, new movie!) so it only makes sense that now and then JKR may say something like this. It is not to keep the community alive, we are already still very…much…alive, it is just her thoughts she is adding into the mix.

  • Sydne

    “the love aspect is a very small part of the plot”
    I completely agree that romantic love plays a very small part in the overall series. It becomes less about who’s dating who and focuses more on important themes of friendship. However- love in general is essential to the series. (After all there are many different forms of love- English is weird and only uses one word to express all those meanings) Lily’s love for Harry, Dumbledore’s love towards his students, Harry’s love towards his best friends- these are all forms of love that shape and impact the series.
    This is a bit nit-picky, but for me one of the greatest themes of the story is love and all the forms it takes on in our lifetimes.

  • Miruna

    This actually is one of the things I hated about JK Rolwing. I am fine with details about a character’s life, it’s actually interesting, I can even smile when Reeta Skeeter tells us what Potter and the gang have been up to since we’ve finished the books. What I’m not ok with is “what it should have been”. In my vision Dumbledore was not gay, if she pictured it that way she should have said it. Maybe he had a relationship with Gridelwald, not on the pages, not in my imagination. And actually I couldn’t care less, hell, Percy could have been gay for all I know. This thing with ‘Harry should have ended up with Hermione’ infuriated me. Why? Well Emma Watson said something that remained on my mind, we don’t only discriminate women, we discriminate men too. Yes, Harry had a little bit of dark, a little bit of light, a little bit of antisocial, he was complex, but it’s because the book was about him. If the book was about a goofy boy named Ron, we would have rooted for him “Oh, he’s so sweet and caring, so loyal, so devoted”. I’ve seen a lot in movies lately how they try to tell us that not the charismatic, strong ad rganised one wind, and that the chubby, goofy and sweet one has a shot, and he does, but only when the movie is about him. That’s why I loved that in Harry Potter Ron eneded up with hermine that noticed how smart he actually was. I liked Rowling for it, it seemed just right! I am the feminine version of Ron and I know all about how clumsyness and Ron’s biggerst problem, insecurity, cand prevent people form seeing how smart you are, it can even prevent you from seeing how smart you truly are.

  • Esthervera Sugano

    wow the girl and harry potter looks like coples

  • JK

    I don’t need Rowling’s afterthoughts either. And the idea of Hermione and Ron together quite grew on me. I just thought that Harry’s love interests were always rather boring (yes, including Ginny) – but then again, maybe this just enabled us all to focus on what the story was actually about.
    I wish the epilogue had featured more original characters though. They were too neat and boring – especially the way in which the movie depicts them. Hermione looks like her own auntie. It would have been more powerful to send the message: you might grow up and there are things that are changing, but there are also parts of you that still feel the same. You don’t have to lose the fun part just because you get older.

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