Hey, Everyone! I'm Going To Be On "Chopped" Tonight!

On October 2nd you can watch me chop stuff and talk about it, on the Food Network TV show “CHOPPED.”

Chopped is a competition food show where they give each contestant a basket full of interesting ingredients and ask them to cook with them. I was one of those contestants, which was for me a terrifying dream come true. Ever since chopped first aired I would watch it and have many mini heart attacks while  the chefs would whip up dishes in 20-30 minutes ith oddly paired ingredients. I remember pausing the show each time the chefs were given the baskets and planning out what I would cook with them. Well, that one came true. It was an amazing experience and felt like a childhood dream coming true, still equally terrifying though!

I wear chef clogs and compete against talented teens, this should be fun television.

October 2nd, Food Network.

See you there!

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