After I started to catch on to the “status hijack,” where my husband would change my Facebook status to something totally inappropriate or completely random, Dan decided to broaden his horizons… to Twitter.  Now, this little number could have been catastrophic (depending on your definition of catastrophic), but in a hilarious turn of events, the first time he pulled the “sneaky tweet” on my Twitter became the last when it backfired on him.

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a slight obsession with Josh Groban.  It may be the only interest my mom and I have in common.  Call me a middle aged woman, I deserve it.  But you can’t deny his talent!  There’s something about belting your heart out along with Josh in mangled Italian/French/Spanish and having no clue what you’re singing that just… raises you up, shall I say.

So that’s the background, I like Josh, the husband knows this.  So, one day I come home, turn on my computer and SCREAM.  I have this message in my inbox:


I don’t even know what to think, I’m momentarily frozen.  Josh Groban is contacting me??  Immediately, images of Josh and I strolling in the park,  wine tasting, talking for hours about his relationship with January Jones,and skipping town to go on an Italian adventure, where he’d communicate for us by singing in Italian, flashed through my head.

Dan hears me screaming and races in pretending (not well) to be alarmed.  As soon as I saw his little grin I knew he had pranked me somehow.  But I couldn’t figure out how he would he get Josh Groban to e-mail me.  Neither could he.

Turns out Dan had gotten on my Twitter page and written: @JoshGroban hi
 That’s it.  What he didn’t expect, was that Josh Groban would see that, look me up on Facebook, and write to me: Hey Rachel Specter.  Definitely a highlight of my life… a close second was Dan’s face when he realized that he had opened the door for the possibility of me having a whirlwind love affair with one of my favorite singers.  Needless to say, he never pulled the sneaky tweet again, thank you Josh.

*note – after all of this went down, I saw Josh G. at my gym and pretended that I didn’t know who he was.  Idiot.

My imaginary boyfriend, Josh Groban, with a leopard.

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