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After reading this Disney Princess fan theory, ‘Snow White' will never be the same

The second time Snow and Death collide is when she is saved by “true love’s kiss.” If you think about it, the scene is pretty creepy. The Prince’s kiss, according to Scherazade, symbolizes death taking Snow White from her tomb and leading her to the afterlife —and the giveaway is the white horse she rides, which supposedly has biblical significance (the “pale horse” is mentioned in Revelation 6:8). Movie Pilot adds, “this might also explain why Snow White is seen saying goodbye to the dwarfs like she is never going to see them again.” Seriously, why else would she ditch them? Just because she’s hooked up with a dude? Not cool, Snow. This theory would actually give her a good explanation.

And after the Prince kisses Snow and “saves” her, they ride off into the sunset…Which looks a lot like “heaven” or at least, a very similar depiction of it (it’s supposed to be the Prince’s castle). Yikes.

This isn’t the only Snow White theory that’s gained traction. A Tumblr user wrote about Tangled’s Mother Gothel and the Evil Queen (when she’s disguised as the old woman) suspiciously similar attributes. Not only do they look alike, but the knife Mother Gothel has looks like the dagger the Evil Queen gave to the huntsman. So who is the old woman in Snow White? An aged Mother Gothel (who couldn’t have Rapunzel’s hair to keep her youthful!).

Even if the theories are just theories, we’ll never be able to watch Snow White the same way again.

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