Have you ever found yourself clicking through photos of your favorite celebs or watching your favorites shows and thought, I love that outfit! Where can I find that dress/those jeans/shoes?! It happens to me constantly. Until technology allows us to pause the show we’re watching and purchase the item directly from the remote, we need to rely on style sites and magazines to tell us where to find these items that our favorite celebs are rocking. Each week, I’ll be sharing my favorite items seen on fictional fashionistas or on celebs in real life, and where you can buy that exact item or something similar. Perhaps this is the perfect creative outlet to calm my shopaholic tendencies? Nah, probably not.

Let’s get to it!

1.) Exact Match: Seen on Mindy of “The Mindy Project,” is the Fine and Dandelion Cardigan from Modcloth. $39.99

2.) Similar Style: Seen on Rachel Bilson, are her taupe-suede booties. Get the look with the Abigail boots from ShoeMint. $79.98

3.) Similar Style: Seen on Jess of “New Girl,” is her navy dress. Get the look with the Behold Attention dress from Modcloth. $49.99

4.) Similar Style: Seen on Anne Hathaway, are her cat-eye sunglasses. Get the look with this style from Urban Outfitters. $16.00

5.) Exact Match: Seen on Goldie of “The New Normal,” are the leather-like laced booties from Le Chateau in black. $79.95

6.) Similar Style: Seen on Taylor Swift, is her green purse. Get the look with this style from Lulu’s. $31.00

7.) Similar Style: Seen on Ava of “Up All Night,” is her necktie top. Get the look with this style from Forever21. $19.80

Happy Shopping!


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  1. wwzdw.com is a helpful place for stalking new girl fashions. :) now i just need someone to make one for the mindy project!

  2. Love Zooey’s/Jess’ and Taylor’s fashion style.

  3. This is great ladies! Thank you :) I’m always looking for more exact matches, so feel free to keep me posted!

  4. Zooey Deschanel wore this dress (in red!) on Tuesday’s New Girl. I only know this cause I have it in brown and was like HEY I HAVE THAT! ;)


  5. You can get Mindy’s shirt from The Red Dress Boutique in Athens. Ga I saw it in the store there the other day.