Snacks,Treats,and Junk Food Playlist By @shinyunicorn

This week @shinyunicorn has selected the best Snacks,Treats,and Junk Food commercials for her playlist!

Check out her article  PASS ME THE MONDO! for more unhealthy goodness that made up her perfect ’90s lunchbox!

  • James Walton

    I miss Bonkers. That was the best candy from my childhood.

  • Chrissa Hardy

    DUDE- I ate Sprinkl’ins just for the sprinkles. So amazing.

  • Samantha Stroud Mealy

    Haha – I remember my elementary school had to BAN Squeeze-its because everyone would just squirt them on each other in food fights at lunch. Those things were dangerous!

  • Erin Thomas-Admire

    I cant believe I remember almost all of those commercials! It was rare that my parents would buy junk food, but when they did I’m pretty sure I requested everyone one of those treats! You were the coolest kid at lunch if you had a squeeze-it!
    Great Playlist! :)

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