Ruby's Corner

Smart Girls At The Party

“This is the show that celebrates extraordinary individuals who are changing the world by being themselves.”

What is Smart Girls at the Party? It is an awesome web series started by three awesome best friends: Amy Miles, Amy Poehler and Meredith Walker. “Smart Girls is a celebration of real friendship, real fellowship, and kind of just the community of girls,” says Amy Poehler on the Smart Girls at the Party website. The series launched in 2008, and there have been three seasons so far; the latest season has just started and the first episode features a boxer named Precela. (Full disclosure: I was in it in the first season when I was 7 and I talked about feminism.) Each episode features Amy Poehler interviewing a young girl, plus Amy and Meredith with the girl on her turf, and every episode ends with a DANCE PARTY!!! I mean, how fun is that? Here are three reasons on why you should watch EVERY EPISODE right now!!!!!


Well, Amy Poehler hosts it; she introduces and interviews the Smart Girl. Meredith Walker is the Producer and Amy Miles is the musical director. Amy, Amy and Meredith are best friends IN REAL LIFE. And it’s inspiring to me how three best friends can get together and do something so great for us girls.


The girls featured on the show are talking about pretty interesting topics: Rachel is “a friend to all robots”; Lea and Sarafina talk about sisterhood (Amy P: “If you guys could have chosen what sister you could have had would you have chosen each other?”); Jessica is a glass blower (Amy P: “That’s a good lesson for life, right? When you think it’s not perfect, save it and it might work again.”) There are heaps more other Smart Girls interviews, and you should check them out.


You can find Smart Girls at their website, where you can watch episodes, become a member, go to the rock garden and listen to Amy Miles 20 Second Songs and more. You can also go to the YouTube channel which features all the videos, the Smart Girls Sleepover Challenge and bunches of playlists. And they’re also on Hulu. The Smart Girls are everywhere.

Smart Girls at the Party does this special thing: they talk to young girls about their specific interests, things that matter to the girls. The Smart Girls at the Party motto is “This is the show that celebrates extraordinary individuals who are changing the world by being themselves.” That’s huge. Girls are constantly being told to look a certain way, or act a certain way and Smart Girls reminds you that you don’t have to be something you’re not, you can just be yourself. And that’s something I really love, just that nudge that I can be who I am and it’s always alright. I love Smart Girls because it makes me feel happy every time I watch a new episode and meet a new girl who is doing her thing on her own terms. And I’m sure it will make you feel happy, too!