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Small Feet Awareness

So, I have small feet.  When I meet someone new, unfailingly they remind me. “Geesh!  You have small feet.”  “What size shoe do you wear?”  To my dismay, this is the ultimate ice-breaker.

More often than I would like to admit, I have had to tell someone under the age of ten years that I wear size 3 in children’s shoes.  Even more embarrassingly, they usually reply with something along the lines of, “I wear size 6!”  In fact, this happened just today.

You can see why what I am going to say now makes sense for someone who loves shoes.

I absolutely loath shopping for shoes.

It is a degrading experience for me to wander into the children’s department in Nordstrom or Target, but it is all I have.  It was one of my darkest hours when I went into Stride Rite while looking for comfortable shoes for my trip to Europe a couple of summers ago.  Stride Rite, you guys.  You can’t come back from this stuff.

When I have my sister with me, I use her as a cover.  “Do you like these, Kendal?” I ask from across the shoe display.  I hold up the 3248039th bedazzled sneaker I have encountered in my quest of age-appropriate shoe options while I quickly scan the scarce selection of “classy” kids shoes.  When I am with friends, I usually just avoid shoes completely or talk loudly about trying to find my sister some shoes for her birthday.

I am surprised I haven’t chucked a pair of sparkly, glow-in-the dark or heavily beaded shoes across a store yet or better, through a glass window.  Maybe that would make me feel better.  I could even sing,

“I bust the windows out your store
and no, it didn’t make my feet larger
I know I’ll always have these tiny feet
but right now I just want to scream”

(Okay, I have been watching a lot of Glee.  Just watched this episode the other day.)

Because of this, it has always been a dream of mine to start a line of shoes for fabulous women with small feet.  “Equal opportunity for Cute Shoes” would be our motto.  Part of me wants to make the shoes specifcally for sizes 3-5 so that, you know, those normal-sized people can feel the disappointment in spotting wonderfully adorable, lovely shoes (see below) and realizing that they don’t come in their size.  Whoops.  Sorry!

I’m so mean.  But it’s something I feel passionately about for some silly reason.

by Kaylie Hatos

  • Heather Chaires

    Do it! I have the exact opposite problem. I wear size 11 and I hate shoe shopping because I can never find anything that I like in my size. I don’t wear heals and most flats only go up to a size 10.

  • Holly Wilde

    I don’t have small feet, but I have skinny feet so no slip-ons or heels for me!

  • Ana Raquel Romão

    I have the exact same problem! Someone actually told me “sorry miss, but we don’t sell children’s shoes in this store” the other day!!

  • Lynna Ho

    My feet aren’t quite that small, but they’re really wide. And let me tell you, a 6.5 double wide shoe is not an attractive thing. I’ve pretty much given up on comfortable nice shoes, my feet just spread out over the sides of my flats and sneakers now.

  • Bailey Martel

    I’m a size 5 and can totally relate, even the 5s are too big sometimes! The worst part is, I bought a few pair of pretty heels when I was younger thinking that my feet would still grow… nope. Forever small.
    I think you would get great business! But, if and when you do, remember to share your shoes with Canada too! And you can always wear Converse and Toms! x

  • Shelly Labriola

    There are some online retailers that have great shoes for little feet! check out

  • Lauren Vaughan

    Please please please make your dream come true so I can have some cute shoes! I wear a 5 so I feel your shoe-shopping pain. You go shopping, find a shoe you love and see that OMG, this shoe comes in a 5! only to be shot down by the shoe department lady when you ask about it because they only order ONE FREAKIN SIZE 5 and it’s already been bought by another little footed person. And you can just forget about finding any shoes on sale that aren’t hideous. Sigh.

  • Amy Shuey

    Your idea really needs to happen. I wear anything from a kids size 3 to a women’s size 5.5 so whenever I go shoe shopping, I just automatically ask what the smallest size they carry is because more than likely it’s a 6 and more than likely it won’t fit without multiple pairs of socks. The silver lining is that kids shoes are usually cheaper, the downside is that I bought a pair of rock climbing shoes and they have a monkey on them because they are meant for tiny tiny children.

  • Elizabeth Ann Leatherland

    Can we make them wide width too? I wear a 3 in children and I have an extra wide foot. So if I get shoes, they have to be adult sizes and wide shoes.

  • Justine Napodano

    I wear a children’s 2 1/2 and I’m 24 years old, and have the SAME exact problem. I am so glad that I’m not the only sufferer. We need to take action! We deserve cute shoes just as much as anyone else! Down with discrimination! Tiny feet unite!
    Okay I’m done now. :)

  • Elle Sciocchetti

    I have wide feet (but a size 7-8), and I have a hard time with shoes too.

  • Michelle Glines Jager

    Oh gosh. If my darned teeny feet would just be a size 6, I honestly think I would bankrupt myself buying all the shoes I’ve coveted for the years of my adult footed life! I would love if someone started this company… I’d be a PARTNER in this company!

    P.S. I’m super excited for my size 2.5 Frye kids engineer boots to arrive at my door from zappos today.

  • Mallory Rice

    I wear a size four in women’s, so I feel your pain! There are so many cute shoes out there but none of them fit :( Let us know if you actually make that line. In the meantime, we still have nordstroms and naturalizer online.

  • Michelle Raymond

    I wear a size 2 in kids! So I feel your pain, but there is a company that makes shoes for women with small feet. I love this place, but I’ve never found anything else like it, so you should definitely follow through on those plans to make a whole line of shoes!

  • Anonymous

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  • Kimberly Nappi

    I feel the same way, but my problem is with bras. I’d love to start a company that only made bras bigger than DD, and see all the As, Bs, and Cs wonder what it’s like to find cute bras in a store!

  • Kaylee Acres

    You make my small feet problem seem bearable! I’m a 5 and while I (usually) don’t have to resort to the kids section, for some reason shoemakers don’t think that anyone under the age of 80 might wear a size 5. You should definitely start that shoe company!

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