Ruby's Corner

Sleepaway Camp Survival

So I’m into my second week at sleepaway camp and it’s my first time being away from home for this long  and here is what I’ve figured out so far:

1. Bring toilet paper. Seriously.

2. Don’t be surprised if a 7-year-old boy pretending to be a 10 year-old asks you to the dance. Yep. Happened. TO ME.

3. Make sure everyone you know has your camp mailing address. And make sure you have enough stamps to reply to everyone who sends you mail.

4. Bring things to do, like magazines and book lights to read with. You definitely get some downtime and there’s always a long wait to get online or to call home  so you gotta find something else to occupy your brain.

5. WARNING: You will meet odd people. And there’s no escape from them.

6. Even though you’re always around people, you can still feel lonely.

7. Your other life? The one where you can text with your friends and be online for as long as you want? Forget about it. Cell phones are not allowed. You can’t go online whenever you want. And when you do want to be online, you’re on a time limit. Meh.

8. If your camp is co-ed… HERE COMES THE DRAMA!

9. Bring water guns! So when people piss you off,  you can SPRAY THEM!! Yeppdidoda!

10. Try everything at least once.

That’s it for now. Did you go to sleepaway camp? What was it like? Let me know!

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