Son Records His Sleepwalking (And Dancing!) Mother, Shows Her The Viral Video

Usually sleep disorders are not funny. As a person who loves to sleep and has no problem (or shame) dropping down and sleeping wherever I am when the clock strikes midnight, this video is my worst fear.

I love that both of them are able to find the humor in this. She’s a great sleepwalking mama for being able to laugh at herself and he is a wonderful son for blessing the interwebz with this:

  • Kaylie Finneran

    hahaha this has to be one of the best sleep walks i’ve ever come across :)

  • Rachel Lam

    Hahaha how cute is this!

  • Amalia Pantazi

    Nicola is actually very funny. He has two channels, soundlyawake which is the “pure fun” one, and NicolaFoti, which is a beauty/style one. Check him out if you want, I like him a lot

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