Skip Rope By TweenchronicBlaire Bercy

Here are the problems I have with this:

1. Candy drug dealer.

2. Tweenchronic …Tween. CHRONIC? Really, people?

3. Arizona Iced Tea in a brown bag… we get it, you guys have no future.

4. Graffiti over Bieber! Oh you dun lost your tiny little minds.

  • Blaire Bercy

    So happy I was not the only one! Ridiculous, strange, and disturbing indeed :)

  • Leah Williams


  • Tatiana Daugherty

    Yes, a little disturbing and a lot ridiculous.

  • Michelle Grove Shaffer

    Whether it was made to be viral or not, it’s…disturbing, to say the least.

  • Jessica Robin

    It’s the same producer as Friday by Rebecca Black. I’m pretty sure it’s made to be ridiculous so it goes viral the same way.

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