6-Year-Old Obsession: Geodes




I used to be a rock collector.  I had pet rocks in all shapes, sizes and colors.  My rocks were kept in a golden box, much like how a cat goes in a cat carrier.  My mother would take me to the desert in Blythe, CA and we would chisel at the rocks, letting rock material get in our eyes and faces ’til we uncovered from all the dust and grime… sparkling GEODES.  

Geodes are big rocks with gems inside of them.  Psychics call geodes “spiritual forces”, the crystals somehow leading to wisdom and truth.  If you go to  The Crystal Matrix in Atwater, CA, you will see what I am talking about.  People there are WAYYYY into the healing powers of crystals.  My mom dug for geodes just because she thought they looked cool.  I just liked to occasionally roll them down our hallway floor to see how far they’d go.  I’d also hold them in my hand like the crystal in The Dark Crystal, all the while pretending I was some sort of fairy/nymph/wizard/muppet.


Collecting geodes, rocks and crystals is a past time much like stamp collecting, Breyer horse collecting or Beanie Baby hoarding.  It was a ’90s fad. Well, in my world it was a ’90s fad, just like how building a doll house for ten years was a ’90s fad for my mother.



Regardless of my collecting habits, though, I turned out pretty normal.  Much like kids fawn over collecting Justin Bieber posters and Miley Cyrus paraphernalia, I just had a thing for rocks.  It was  my Tiffany and Co. , my Skip-It  (since I couldn’t afford any one of those things like everyone else at my Beverly Hills elementary school could).

From The Faux Paw Blog

Child development specialists DO say that store-bought toys are not always the best for children.  In fact, cardboard boxes are just as educational and fun (yes, I know that sounds horrifying since homeless people are often found in those).  But really, pots and pans are just as great as building blocks and toy kitchenware.  Not that I’m justifying my childhood rock collection, I’m just letting you know it’s not THAT weird.  And if you are somehow now interested in rock collecting one day, here are some spots in CA that are way fun to go to… haha… that was just my hippie side coming out to educate you about the natural wonders of California… I apologize if you’re not interested!  If anything, please enjoy these miraculous pictures and enjoy whatever collecting you do do!


  • Victor Saltykov

    Dorodango! A good one is very hard to get. Magic the Gathering cards were the greatest things ever, but its so hard to get parents to understand that 20$ for a piece of cardbord with pretty pictures is more then worth it! unless of course you have cool parents with a good printer then the world is truly yours. the way i look at it is if you buy photo paper you get like 8 cards out of a cheet thats 12cents per card!

  • Courtney Warner

    I’m so happy to find a fellow former rock collector! I loved my rocks and geodes – and my rock polisher! I had them all displayed in my room with little labels and everything. Thank you so much for this blast from the past : )

  • Aimée Faloppa

    Totally not weird- I too had an extensive rock collection! Though I still pick up and hang on to “cool rocks” and I’m now 25…Just keeping the 90s fad alive! (or maybe I’m weird) :)

  • Matty Cardarople


  • Kaitlin Askelson

    Being a Geology major in my Senior year at school, I totally appreciate this! The best part is once people know you’re into rocks people give you the most interesting rocks and minerals! Yay for GEOLOGY!!

  • Jessi Anderson

    I have always collected rocks, still do, and now my two year old son has started picking up nice rocks when we go out. I love watching him get as excited as i remember getting about the really sparkly rocks! I didn’t have anywhere to go dig up Geodes, but i sure found some really cool rock/crystal combinations, which i still have up on my shelf! :)

    • Jessi Anderson

      When i finished grade 3, my mom had to take home two big bags of rocks from my locker, very few books! I told my husband this, and now he still makes fun of me when i start picking rocks up while we are out

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