Glee has covered a lot of music over the past 3 1/2 seasons. A lot. Some great, some good, some not… mixed in the hits and misses, there are some songs that stand out as the best of the best. This is not only due to the uber-talented cast, but also the wondrous brain and ears of Glee‘s music department, led by Adam Anders, genius executive music producer, and Ryan Murphy. From unique arrangements to crazy, did-they-really-just-put-those-two-songs-together-wait-this-is-amazing mash-ups, Mr. Anders and the rest of Glee‘s music wizards know the way to our hearts and iPods.

So, to get you through the long winter hiatus before the next episode, and through extensive research (tumblr, Twitter polls, asking friends and Gleeks alike), I’ve compiled a list of songs that Glee has completely nailed. Songs that are better than (or, if you’re picky, just as good as) their originals.  Harmony and arrangement are key, and most of these songs chosen have utilized beautiful harmonies from the cast or changed the arrangements of the songs, adding more depth or meaning or just plain fun.

We also found a bunch of songs/artists that fans would love to hear as the season rolls on. These include:

  • ‘Out tonight’ – RENT
  • ‘Maps’ – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Or, the Rogue Wave cover that is absolutely beautiful)
  • ‘Love Is A Battlefield’ – Pat Benatar
  • Spice Girls/NSync/BSB (a ’90s/’00s music episode would be fun, no?)
  • ‘As Long As You Love Me’ – Justin Bieber
  • Beach Boys
  • Any new Bruno Mars
  • ‘Girl On Fire’ – Alicia Keys
  • Robyn. Any Robyn.
  • New Ke$ha
  • ‘Red’ or ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ – Taylor Swift
  • ‘Your Love’ – The Outfield
  • ‘Try’ – Pink

Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below.

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  • Robyn Foley

    I love the Smooth Criminal version!! I also <3 the 'Dancing in the Dark' version they did.

  • Anna Walters

    Favorite article ever.

  • Sophia Moutafis

    Teenage Dream! Agree.

  • Taryn Pestalozzi

    my faves are the adele mashup and when Britnee and Santana did Landslide–soo good!

  • Christina Konze

    I agree with this list 100%, and the future ones that should happen. I love “How WIll I know” and “Shake It Out” quite a bit. Good job! Now I have to go buy them all. 😛

  • Megan Foster

    What about “Baby,” “Somewhere Only We Know,” “Jar of Hearts,” “Poker Face,” “Somebody to Love,” “Alone,” “Total Eclipse of the Heart”????? Love them all.

  • Caroline Jeffery

    Toxic FO’ SHO’! and even though it’s a mash up, “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” 😀

  • Sly Hg Tly TyghTy

    it just doesn’t matter (Glee is the best T.V. musical of all time!.. end of discussion.)

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  • Codi Yvonne

    What about the Warbler’s version of FloRida’s “Whistle”!? It was absolutely, 1,ooo times better than the original. It was amazing.

  • Ximena Santillan Guerra

    Thank you for posting this article .. they are more song to add to the list .. Rumour has it/ Someone Like you , Somebody To Love, Jar Of Hearts , Total Eclipse of the Heart, BAD and more to count 😉 Glee has changed the way we see TV ..

  • Summer Willhite

    I would like to see an episode “Glee Dog Night”

  • Annie Allen

    Great list, but you’re missing “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Not only is it a better version than the original, it’s probably in the top 5 Glee songs ever.

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