thigh gap

thigh gap

  • ロウレイロ アマンダ

    “Read less”.


  • neonbugzapper

    Why on earth you think this is an appropriate picture on a body-positive site is beyond me.

    • Jen

      If there were an issue with this article, I would say it is the caption rather than the photo. There are plenty of regular women happen to fit into these “idealized” standards of beauty, women that have slender legs and thigh gaps without photoshop or starving themselves or surgery or whatever else, and they are consequently torn apart or shamed by the ever increasing movement of creating body positivity for women who do not fit into the same standards. Should body standards exist? No, but should photos of women with thigh gaps be scrutinized and rejected in order to combat those standards? No. Body positivity should mean that all bodies, thigh gap or not, are celebrated.

      • trolog

        Well said Jen, I’ve dated exclusively thin women, and they have all said how it seems perfectly fine for people to make fun of them for being thin, but you say a thing about an over weight person and the world ends. It’s disgusting how thin shaming is accepted, it’s ironic and very contradicting.

  • richardcranium

    Id eat sushi off those abs and I hate sushi!

  • Tracey Grimes

    the whole thigh gap obsession is so stupid (thankfully, it will fall by the wayside when the newest impossible “beauty trend” makes an appearance)….you want thigh gap, here’s how……stand with your big toes together and your heels several inches apart, now lean your upper body slightly forward, ta-da insta-thigh gap………either that, or be born with incredibly small legs, or do what the celebs do, take pics of your real body and just photoshop it……..can we just stop talking about it now??

    • trolog

      Or eat healthy and exercise is one way of getting one. Obviously most people in the USA/UK are over weight so to us, seeing a normal size person is unusual and seem unnatural, sad really.

      • Tori Ostberg

        Not sure where you’re from, but having a thigh gap has NOTHING to do with your health. It has to do with the structure of your bones and how wide your hips are. if a woman has slender hips, it doesn’t matter how skinny she is, she may never obtain that gap. I know several women who are skinny and eat horribly. Skinny does not equal healthy.

      • Laurie

        It is just how a person’s body is built, I have been 95lbs. and I have been 235lbs. over my lifetime, and my thighs have never ever NOT touched lol. I have a Borinquena tush and thighs (tend to have larger shorter muscles and lots of extra fat). I was not in style when I was growing up in the seventies; I did everything I could, eating all natural food and calorie counting (800-1000), took RX vitamins with lots of exercise. I worked on my thighs every known way, no matter what they never had a gap, even when my size 4 button fly jeans were hanging off of me. It just was never meant to be, and as for men liking the gap, I can say in my experience many men love “big booties and thighs” as well as women with “thigh gap” or little and huge breasted women. My guy HATES quote “clown boobs” or “skinny white chicks” and he is a white as they come from KY. All I am saying is for every shape of woman is a man who will adore her, so we need to love our bodies for what ever their attributes 😉 The last thing women need to to rag on each other, there is enough pressure from everywhere else to be perfect.

  • Hannoveraner

    I dont think ,, rarely changes out of pyjamas during the weekdays” is something to be proud of.

    On the other hand, please stop blaming slim people and promoting that beeing overweight is good.

    • trolog

      Exactly! it’s odd this thin shaming, I’d get dirty looks from people if they saw me eat anything like chocolate and still be thin, they didn’t see the miles I’ve run or the work put into maintaining a healthy weight (though I’ve slipped recently hehe).

      I like the thigh gap, infact most men, when away from their girlfriends say how they LOVE it, it’s biology, thin/medium weight people (this is not medium for UK/USA) are attractive because they are healthy, it’s natural response to seeing a healthy body.

      • tony

        I feel the opposite. Being healthy is fine, but from a biological standpoint, a male sees a woman with a little extra curves and extra meat as more suitable for bearing children. They wont worry about their childs welfare en-utero.

  • ardentdg

    The part that always bothers me is the “but the guys love it” there are guys for every taste, the guys aren’t the problem. And frankly the companies that have spent trillions in market research on the best bodies to sell products don’t have anything to do with it either… it is the individual that chooses to take these opinions too seriously or not. There will always be an ebb and flow to ridicule because people are horrible but it doesn’t have anything to do with how people actually feel on any matter. Ignore the haters, and just be whoever you are comfortable being. There is someone out there that will treat you right, change yourself too much for what you think society wants you to be and you may never find them.

  • Random Select

    ….is there some sort of written argument im not seeing? or is it really just a picture captioned “thigh gap”?

  • Brenna

    ….Seriously, HelloGiggles? Get your act together.

  • ShadyPines

    Wide hips + thin thighs + slightly inward pointing knees is the combination that gives a woman a thigh gap. It has nothing to do with how healthy a woman is, or even how much she weighs. It’s all in the body type/skeletal structure and all to do with proportion of the hips to the legs. There are some very thin girls who cannot have a thigh gap, no matter how much they diet or exercise, because they simply don’t have wide enough hips.

  • Greg

    I don’t have a problem with the pic (although it seems sort of strange with no article). Just like when I see pictures of some guy with ripped abs. Do I wish I could look like that? Yes. I also realize I don’t have the dedication to exercise and diet that is required to get those. I have learned to accept who I am and realize there are some with better physiques than mine and some with worse, this is just life. If you can’t accept who you are then you are more likely to attack others who remind you of that which makes you jealous.

  • Iggy

    What the…?

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