thigh gap

thigh gap

  • ロウレイロ アマンダ

    “Read less”.


  • neonbugzapper

    Why on earth you think this is an appropriate picture on a body-positive site is beyond me.

    • Jen

      If there were an issue with this article, I would say it is the caption rather than the photo. There are plenty of regular women happen to fit into these “idealized” standards of beauty, women that have slender legs and thigh gaps without photoshop or starving themselves or surgery or whatever else, and they are consequently torn apart or shamed by the ever increasing movement of creating body positivity for women who do not fit into the same standards. Should body standards exist? No, but should photos of women with thigh gaps be scrutinized and rejected in order to combat those standards? No. Body positivity should mean that all bodies, thigh gap or not, are celebrated.

  • richardcranium

    Id eat sushi off those abs and I hate sushi!

  • Tracey Grimes

    the whole thigh gap obsession is so stupid (thankfully, it will fall by the wayside when the newest impossible “beauty trend” makes an appearance)….you want thigh gap, here’s how……stand with your big toes together and your heels several inches apart, now lean your upper body slightly forward, ta-da insta-thigh gap………either that, or be born with incredibly small legs, or do what the celebs do, take pics of your real body and just photoshop it……..can we just stop talking about it now??

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