Signs of Apocalypse: New Surgery Can Give You "Thigh Gap"

It should go without saying at this point that the infamous “thigh gap” is nothing to strive for. Perhaps your body’s natural shape means you do indeed have that seemingly elusive (and oft-Photoshopped) flesh-free triangle, and that’s great! You look amazing just as you are. But for many of us, a thigh gap’s just never going to happen. That doesn’t mean we’re not all still intelligent, beautiful and sexy women… despite how hard fashion magazines and advertising campaigns try to tell us otherwise. And while most of us can accept that thigh gaps aren’t really in the cards for our bodies and we don’t spend too much time thinking about it, one plastic surgeon wants to put the subject back on the table.

That’s right – Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina del Rey, California has developed a procedure they’re calling CoolSculpting, which claims it can freeze unwanted fat and yes, give you the thigh gap you weren’t born with and aren’t really meant to have. The FDA recently approved the procedure, and apparently 86% of those who’d tried the technology noticed a difference in thigh fat.

“I see a growing number of patients who, despite leading a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, cannot eliminate stubborn fat on certain parts of their bodies, and the thigh ranks high on the list to achieve the coveted space called the ‘thigh gap’,” said Grant Stevens, MD, FACS, medical director of Marina Plastic Surgery.  “We perform more CoolSculpting procedures here at Marina Plastic Surgery than at any other practice in the world.  Being able to offer this procedure on three of the most challenging parts of the body – the abdomen, flank and now thighs – presents additional opportunities for my patients who want to improve the contour of their bodies without surgery,” he added.

I should state here that whether or not a woman chooses to undergo cosmetic procedures of any kind whatsoever is entirely her decision. If you feel more confident and beautiful after them, that’s even better, and no one can – or should – make you feel bad about it. But Marina Plastic Surgery’s technological advancement was not borne out of a desire to improve a woman’s self-image, but rather to further society’s message that you’re not thin enough or physically perfect enough unless you have a thigh gap – an idea which we all know is bullsh*t.

Ladies, I think it’s worth repeating this very important message: You are still a beautiful and complete woman (and human being in general) without a thigh gap – and that obtaining one via surgery or any other, perhaps more dangerous methods is not going to change your life. The sooner we ignore corporations and their attempts to push this unrealistic lifestyle on us, the sooner it will be forced to go away and we can keep on being our same amazing selves – even with our thighs touching.

  • Amalia Pantazi

    Jesus effing Christ with the thigh gap already. Who even made it a thing? We keep coming up with increasingly ridiculous things to make our lives more difficult and ourselves less happy. I live in Greece and I’m glad it’s not much of a thing over here, not yet, at least. It’s fine if your thighs don’t ‘touch’ and it’s fine if they do; but to actually starve yourself or go through surgery over it is absolutely ridiculous

  • Kristen Fraser

    Another sad way for women to punish themselves for having a uniquely beautiful body. This culture of body hate among women is so sad. When my daughter grows to a point where she has a sense of body awareness, I want her to love it as much as I do right now. For every wrinkle, chub, line, and freckle. I don’t know how we’ve reached this awful point of having a “standard” body that so many women are striving to attain, or why that “standard” body, for so many, requires surgery or self-abuse to reach. It’s heartbreaking. Our bodies are beautiful, and we need to stop punishing them for being unique.

  • Scott Carasik

    The Thigh Gap looks horrible. IF a girl is fit, she won’t have one…

  • Kim Niles

    And what happens to all the surgically altered women when society (once again!) changes direction and moves back to the idea that curvy is once again the desired body type that women should strive for?!

  • Cari Enlow

    I’m very tiny and naturally petite, therefore I was “blessed” with a natural thigh gap. I just want to take a minute and tell every woman of every shape, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be! I hate my thigh gap; it makes me feel awkward and like an adolescent (think of your awkward pre-teen years), despite the fact that I’m a 26 year-old professional woman. I find it to be highly unattractive to the point that I usually end up cropping every picture of me to be from the waist up to hide my bird legs, as I like to call them. I love seeing women who have natural, and beautifully sculpted legs…and no thigh gap! I envy those women and it breaks my heart to hear the lengths they’re going to to transform their bodies just to conform to society.

  • Amanda McCarley

    Coolscultping doesn’t do that. It only removes isolated pockets of fat. You know, the kind you can grab and pull out away from the rest of your body. It’s just another addition to the field of plastic surgery, but cheaper, safer, and less invasive than other options. I’m completely against the current ideals presented to women, but it does kind of suck to have that one fat bulge that healthy diet and exercise won’t get rid of because of your genetics.

  • Anne Schneider

    What a nightmare.

    I think it’s time we establish that these critical articles aren’t dissing women who are naturally thin or who naturally have a thigh gap. That is not the intention here. Good for them for being thin and staying true to their body type.

    Unfortunately, not everyone can be that way and the problem arises when society insists that having a thigh gap and being thin is the only way to be beautiful.

  • Nicola Kay

    Some women have thigh gaps and that’s fine. Some women don’t have thigh gaps and that’s fine too. What isn’t fine is that women are made to feel like their body’s need to be changed and “sculpted” into some ideal which for most of us is something we can never achieve. As women we should embrace our bodies, for all our lumps and bumps, sticky out bits and all. That’s what makes each of us unique :-)

  • Eva V Steininger

    What concerns me most is that so much energy and money is being wasted for research and development of a method to reduce thigh gaps, which is so ridiculous if you think of the many people i the world who desperately need help. Those doctors are not really helping people, they are not curing anything – i would be ashamed of myself if I was a doctor and spending all money and taking so much effort for something so unimportant, when there are REAL problems and I could just as well be commited to solving those.

  • Jessica Morgan

    “But Marina Plastic Surgery’s technological advancement was not borne out of a desire to improve a woman’s self-image, but rather to further society’s message that you’re not thin enough or physically perfect enough unless you have a thigh gap – an idea which we all know is bullsh*t.”

    Jennifer, I’m not sure how you can speak to Marina Plastic Surgery’s motivation to provide people with CoolSculpt, but I can tell you that it isn’t surgery (you have to have enough fat to pull off our your body and stick into a device that pinches/freezes it. You are never cut, injected, or the like…), and it is a lot safer and less expensive than other options that were available to women before. Also, how is a safe, quick procedure (with almost no risk and no recovery time) that can reduce thigh fat a “Sign of the Apocalypse?” Did you not think that liposuction, which has been around forever, could be used on thighs? Also, CoolSculpt can be used anywhere on the body- it was not created simply to fuel the thigh-gap fire, but to give people (not only women) a safe, cost-effective and convenient option to eliminate pesky bulges from places they can’t get rid of on their own, as it is physically impossible to target fat loss to one area of the body.

    It is just as negative to hate on women who desire a thigh gap or a flat stomach or bigger breasts, etc. as it is to hate on anyone else. Body shaming goes both ways, and this article (which is a lot of stating the obvious…some people have thigh gaps and some people don’t. Yep, pretty much.) is peppered with passive aggressive “thigh gaps are fine if you have one and you did nothing to achieve it.” It is very, “Oh you do have a thigh gap? I’ll just wait till you leave the room to talk about how much I hate your thigh gap…”

    No, I do not have a thigh gap and I have not had CoolSculpt.

  • Alejandra Morrison

    I wad about to write a long comment, because I really didnt like yhe tone of this article, starting by the work in the title ‘surgery’ when ir really isnt! But Jessi a Morgan said exactly what I was thinking. I dont have a thigh gap either, nor want one. but still, kinda a negative and exagerated tone to this article!!!

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  • Jason Suggs

    As a man to me the thigh gap is really erotic. Of course it isnt all the matters, and I dont expect it. But, when I see it, wow.

  • Frank

    I can tell from the comments below that many women don’t know why a thigh gap is hot. The first reason is you can see the vagina Andy sometimes the clit from behind which is right below that beautiful ass. The other reason is to be able to have sex from behind with her legs closed. This makes her tighter which helps both the man and woman get more enjoyment out of sex.

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