Obviously we all love our planet. It gives us air, water and most importantly, Ryan Gosling. The thing is, we don’t get all of this for nothing. Earth Day is a reminder that we are all guests here, and we should be a little less obtrusive. No one likes an obnoxious houseguest.

Even though there is only one official Earth Day, you can do your part to decrease your carbon footprint every single day. Here are some ideas on giving back to our planet:

Read a book. The Reading for the Earth campaign brings saving the Earth and literacy together by promoting environmentally-themed books. You can find a participating library near you and get your read on!

Plant something. Whether you plant a tree, some flowers or a full garden, National Geographic has some fun and easy tips for first-time gardeners. Plants make the world a better place, and gardening can be delicious!

Give up plastic bags. Not only are there millions of adorable reusable bags out there, you can’t pretend you don’t feel the glares of the checkers and the people in line behind you if you request plastic. Plastic bags can kill animals and are generally very very bad for the planet. They’re like the high fructose corn syrup of the bag world.

Ride a bike. Everyone knows carbon monoxide pollution is not good, but did you know extended exposure can cause birth defects? So let’s just all jump on our bikes every once in awhile. It’s a lot of fun, and obviously great exercise. You can save the earth AND have toned legs. Everyone wins!

Let’s all pitch in and keep our planet green and blue, so James Cameron can keep doing weird Earth stuff with his money. What do you do to make this world a better place?

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