Should My Passion Be My Profession? And Other Questions

When discussing careers and future plans with a wise and extremely positive friend, I was told to keep my passion my passion and do something else to make money, because once I start writing for money, all of the fun and passion turns into stress and overbearing deadlines. We spoke philosophically about this for a while and then we watched Friends With Benefits.

But what my friend said really stuck with me. Yes, being a professional writer for a newspaper or magazine can be fulfilling for a lot of people, but I’ve never been one for assigned topics with no wiggle room. I like to write in first person about my own life and thoughts, not in third person about things I don’t personally care about. Why would I ever submit myself to a world where I have close to no freedom with my thoughts and topic choice? I wouldn’t, so now I’m back to square one.

My friend encouraged me to look into careers like web design because I’m technologically inclined and detail oriented. This makes total sense, but the idea of it didn’t inspire me. Then I remembered how much I like to organize things and delegate tasks. When I was an editor in chief back in my college days, I weirdly enjoyed the clerical aspects of my job and I miss them terribly. So I think I’ve decided to skip grad school (I seriously can’t afford it) and revisit the world of e-mails, filing, scheduling and simply helping a business function efficiently. It’s a start at least. My friend recently became an administrative assistant for a company in Orange County and is ridiculously happy with her job and her life, and I’d like to be that way too.

Nevertheless, I will continue to write creatively while exploring my career options. Who knows? Maybe I’ll write a book so unbelievably fabulous that I’ll never have to have a “real” job ever again – J.K. Rowling style.

Here are some other questions that crossed my mind recently:
Do orgasms really cure headaches?
Is it really that bad to eat cheese enchiladas once a week?
In what language do cats think?
Would the world be better if money didn’t exist?
Should I read 1984 or watch How I Met Your Mother?
Is Pinterest a waste of time or a great way to expose myself to things I wouldn’t have seen otherwise?
Why are panty-lines socially unacceptable?
Should I really base the success of my writing on the number of likes my articles get?
Will my boyfriend be able to successfully toilet train my cats this week (please, God, let it happen)?
Is there really no such thing as a stupid question?

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