Short and Sweet Movie Quotes that I Use on a Daily Basis

You know when you’re at some event, and they make you play the ice breaker game where you have to reveal something about yourself that no one else knows? I have two go-to things: 1) I was on the Maryland State Championship Duckpin Bowling Team when I was eight years old. (Seriously, you can look it up.) And 2) I’m an idiot savant when it comes to quoting movies and TV shows. After only one viewing, I can literally recite the whole thing. That isn’t to say that every quote is a keeper. I’m partial to short and sweet lines my daily vernacular can’t live without. Here are my faves:

“You have a baby. In a bar!”Sweet Home Alabama
Best. Line. Ever.

“ELEVEN… ELEVEN!? This explains so much.”Almost Famous
When Zooey Deschanel forces Frances McDormand to tell a little Michael Angarano his true age in the back of the family station wagon, his reaction is priceless. Also? This is shockingly versatile in everyday conversation. People use the number eleven all the time.

“It will not break. It will not – it broke.”Aladdin
Remember when Pixar didn’t rule the world? I saw Aladdin in theaters over Thanksgiving break in 1994 and the opening scene where Robin Williams voices a guy selling stuff at a bazaar is an under-appreciated gem. I say this when something doesn’t go my way, which is frequently.

“You’re always tired.”Beaches
My BFF Seth and I quote this to each other at least once a day, mostly when someone flakes on plans. It’s sort of sad that it references a dying Barbara Hershey but seriously, what’s better than Bette in Beaches? (Rhetorical question; the answer is “nothing”.)

“May all your buildings go condo.”Beetlejuice
Strangely, I say this to my mom a lot. She has no idea what it means but she laughs every time. Probably because I’m an only child and she’ll laugh at anything I say that doesn’t involve me dropping an F-bomb.

“Our friend in Miami…”The Godfather: Part II
I’m a daddy’s girl who has known every word to The Godfather I and II since I was ten. For me, this title applies to anyone who doesn’t live in NYC – or any random person that I’m talking to my dad about. For example, Dad: How’s Uncle Izzy? Me: Well, I just spoke to our friend in Miami and he sounds good. (Note: Uncle Izzy lives in Maryland.)

“Have fun storming the castle!” The Princess Bride
Basically this is how I say goodbye to people. Of all the awesome scenes in this movie, the Billy Crystal/Carol Kane cameo is by far the funniest. It’s so vaudeville and camp that it’s like listening to my grandparents fight over how dry the brisket is at Passover seder.

“You better lock it up. No, you lock it up.”Wedding Crashers
“Lock it up” sounds so much more special than “shut up”. I spent the entirety of the summer of 2009 speaking to a few select friends and family members only in Wedding Crashers quotes. Try it; it totally works.

“I love… lamp.”Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy
I’m amazed at how many times I start to talk about something I love and then forget what that something is. What can I say? I’m fickle. So about 50% of the time, I end up loving lamp. Hey, early Steve Carrell: Sending hearts and unicorns to your pants party.

“My parents are in Monte Carlo.”Troop Beverly Hills
Oh, lovely Carla Gugino, you were the coolest as Chica Barnfeld. You even out-cooled a pre-Rilo Kiley (R.I.P.) Jenny Lewis and a pre-90210 Tori Spelling.

“Dude. Sweet.”Dude, Where’s My Car
It only gets better as you keep repeating it over and over and over…

“That’s what I like about these high school girls: I get older; they stay the same age.”Dazed and Confused
This is what I love about my job. But not in, like, a creepy way. I mean, I work at Teen Vogue and I’m no Jean Claude Van Damme in Time Cop.

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