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I don’t know about you guys but I like to be organised.  I need to know what I’m doing, how, why and when.  It can be rather annoying to some but that’s just how I roll.  Holiday shopping,  if not started way in advance, escalates into a very stressful time for me, so I find myself writing lists at the end of the Summer!  I guess I’m a bit extreme, how about you?

Do you like to catch the early bargains or do you prefer the last minute frenzy? Let us know in the comments below!

When Do You Start Your Holiday Shopping?

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  1. The gift wrapping I buy this year will be used next year. I start making my wish list right after my birthday (september 4th) and I keep nagging about everybody else’s until somewhere in October. In case they don’t have it by then I will use my “in-case-of-emergency-notes”. These notes are carefully put together after certain comments my family members have made throughout the year (ohhh I wish I had a fill-in-the-blank) That way I will have an appropriate gift around Christmas time. I can’t help it…I’m a bit obsessed as well!

  2. My fam sarts right after the holidays when stores are having crazy sales too! Then we shop year round as we see things for people. It makes life oodles easier around Christmas time and leaves much more time for baking (and eating!) cookies!

  3. I get really stressed out in general when I go shopping, because people turn really mean when they think you are in their space. Basically, I like buying things, but I hate shopping!

  4. I’m like a week – the day before. I always SAY I’m going to start early but it never happens. :(

  5. I start hideously early even though I only buy for one person. While I like to be organised, it also doubles the likelihood that I will go just slightly overboard!! ;)

  6. We start a couples months before and right after Thanksgiving when all the sales are at there best!

  7. I am broke, but have a closet full of craft supplies (yes, I know that is awesome). Everyone’s getting a scarf!

  8. My mother always starts January 1st, when all the stores are having sales! Ha, She manages to get everyone in the family everything ! (We have a large family, 7 great aunts and uncles)