I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot wear heels. My clumsiness and weak ankles make it pretty much impossible for me to walk in them. I’m always amazed at people who can strut their stuff in super high stilettos.

Therefore, for today’s gallery, I’ve decided to display some insanely high and ridiculously expensive designer shoes. Honestly, I think some of these heels look too dangerous to wear. The combination of spikes with extreme heel height looks like an accident waiting to happen. Would you wear any of these shoes?


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  1. Hahahah! lol at `this comment, For when you want a look that says, “I’m a horse.”

  2. Love looking at them, but I like the author can’t wear em. Flats for me!

  3. I love looking at these! While I would probably never want any of them for my own wardrobe, I think it would be really fun to try walking in all of these.

  4. Just, ew.

  5. as someone who has endured two complete ankle reconstructions… I’d just like to say good luck in the future with your feet and ankles… I’ve worn my share of high heels in the past, but nothing to these extremes and I still suffered….but I guess they are fun to look at!!

  6. The only ones I would even consider wearing would be the rainboots, but other than that no thank you.

  7. I’d wear those funky rainbow heels, the black booties (I had an AMAZING pair from Demonia a few years ago, but the zippers broke!!!) The yellow rain boots and those red spiky lovelies. Truthfully, I’m a klutz in heels even though I love them. My wife can walk like a model in them. I need a lesson! But I do really, really love fun colors, styles, etc. As of right now, I go for cute/edgy flats or bare feet. :P

  8. Nevermind, I somehow missed the rain boots. I’d totally wear those!

  9. These are a bit extreme in style for me. I don’t like to stand out like Lady Gaga. I do love some super high heels, but am currently paying with a sprained ankle for that. lol.

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