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Juliette Lewis helps bring the Twitter feed @ShitGirlsSay to life in the first of a series of new videos.  Check back for more in the coming weeks!

  • Eva Walton

    Can you do me a favor? I say this like 20 times a day hahaha woopsie

  • Nicole Natale

    “I thought the video was pretty misogynistic with just a dash of transphobia.”
    – and OMG I laughed really hard…

  • Michelle Elford

    Oh my gosh this is kinda embarrassing. I’m not really a girly girl but I totally say so many of these… :O

  • Stephanie Smith

    This video made my life! I’m in love. More please!

  • Jacquelyn Joan

    These were a few of my favorite comments on the Feminist magazine post.

    “I thought it was brilliant – the way it highlighted the way feminine identified people are conditioned to constantly question ourselves (“did i lock the door?”), have to demand to be heard (“listen, listen, listen, listen”), and the way in which we speak to each other which, to outside forces (aka patriarchy), sounds like “nothing” but we know the impact and meaning behind saying things such as,”First of all, ewww!”

    “I think [name omitted] makes some seriously good analysis here, but I highly doubt that that was the point of the video. I don’t think the people who made this skit were thinking about all that. I’m pretty sure the point of it was “HAHAHA GUY IN DRAG, GIRLS ARE DUMB!!” Or at least that’s what I got from it.”

    “I thought the video was pretty misogynistic with just a dash of transphobia.”

  • Jacquelyn Joan

    If you’re interested, here are the comments on a post about this by a Feminist magazine. The opinions vary widely. I think some of the comments are very thoughtful.

  • Whitney Skidmore

    OMG that’s so me!

  • Stephie Lynne Hug

    Haha. This is embarassing. “I hate trying on clothes…”

  • Kaitlynn DeMoney

    This. Is. Fabulous.

  • Amanda Talar

    This couldn’t be more true! I love the bag-searching part. It never doesn’t happen for me.

  • Melissa Lenz

    Omg I am guilty of saying most of those things….. So funny!!!!

  • Frances Vasquez

    i can’t stop watching this video. my daughter thinks its the funniest too!

  • Sarah Gollhofer

    Love this!
    And Juliette Lewis. :)

  • Dana Boone

    Hahaha I blushed through this entire video. @shitgirlssay is going to shame me into acting like a regular human being :)

  • NewAge Seer

    I Freakin’ LOVE this! ROFLMAO

  • Adrian Carrillo

    LMAO the potato chip thing at the end!

  • Jodie Ruster


  • Tina Niemegeers

    Hahaha… This is so funny :D

  • Lisa Jey Davis

    this is just TOO perfect.

  • Carling Tanno

    “did I lock the door?” lmao…do that all the time.

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